HOROSCOPE READING With Lucky Numbers – Thursday 13 August

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das

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Revitalized influences are likely to compliment the recently lifting vibe. However; it’s perhaps not a day for outstanding results in a new field. Be aware of the current vibe’s limits, since the emphasis is more likely to be on maintenance, repairs and viable, quick-fix solutions to ongoing issues!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 14, 23, 26, 33, 45


There’s a distinct sense of moving forward, thanks to a certain lift in the cosmos. That said, when it comes to existing agreements you may need to avoid inconsistencies: switching from one priority (or deal) to another will only cause exasperation. As with other signs, look before you leap!

Today’s Numbers:   17, 19, 27, 31, 38, 44


From romance to friendships it should be a day where the revitalized vibe should work in your favor, since it will usher in a very noticeable surge of vim and vigor. Because you’ll have an instinct for knowing what to say and when to say it, it’s a day to perhaps tie up one loose end first!

Today’s Numbers: 3, 5, 13, 26, 34, 48


The emotional/romantic roller-coaster should slow down pleasantly, although you may need to watch that you don’t make mountains out of molehills. You don’t need to analyze every single comment, but if something doesn’t feel quite right, then maybe that will be the time to raise questions!

Today’s Numbers:   1, 16, 22, 27, 35, 43


The fiery moon may well activate your social zone with a vengeance and push you into overdoing it, although there is an additionally potential downside for those Lions who are working. This could be in the form of a slightly competitive accent. It may not be wise to try and compete with others for the sake of it!

Today’s Numbers: 7, 12, 24, 39, 41, 47


You may not sense the refreshing vibe immediately, but it will start to filter through. Use some time to address a lingering issue that is possibly connected to recent news, since the moon will give you the necessary distance you need right now. Focus on emotional connections rather than material acquisitions!

Today’s Numbers:  5, 13, 17, 26, 31, 45


A fairly active vibe should give you a little more control over an ongoing matter. It’s also a reasonably useful day for making a good impression on the professional front. That said; be careful how you go about raising your profile: it may be a little difficult to retract a thoughtless comment!

Today’s Numbers: 9, 11, 15, 24, 34, 41


It’s either going to be one of those warm and loving days, or one of those rather unreliable, extravagant days. The excess of fire energy could block your ability to think things through fully, and you could realize, by the evening, that you have taken a slightly poor decision. It might be a sensible strategy to keep grand gestures to a minimum!

Today’s Numbers: 3, 13, 16, 22, 39, 46


Today’s improved influences will firm yesterday’s processes and will help you to find the right words to perhaps initiate or restart something that is long overdue. That said; don’t just assume that you’ve been given the unconditional green light to go ahead with the trickier matters!

Today’s Numbers:  4, 12, 24, 28, 31, 47


Fresher influences are likely to contain a slightly negative element. News of a prospective development should perhaps be received as a possibility, not a definite, and an outspoken person could inadvertently cause a few minor tensions. That said; it’s possible that an offhand comment will actually be useful!

Today’s Numbers: 3, 14, 21, 32, 36, 44


A fiery vibe will offer you the opportunity to catch up on anything currently outstanding. However, for workers, the atmosphere may feel a little tense, so do watch out for those little throwaway comments, because it’s possible that something may be misconstrued and will need to be retracted!

Today’s Numbers: 9, 16, 25, 33, 38, 47


Good things come to those who wait, thanks to an uplifting and dynamic vibe. On a practical level you’ll have the capacity to gain more insight into a particular matter. Emotionally, it could be that you get an unexpected second chance when it comes to something still unsettled!

Today’s Numbers: 2, 7, 13, 24, 31, 46

HOROSCOPE With Lucky Numbers – Tuesday 11 August

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das

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All for the price of one. It is our way of serving our Nation in these difficult times.

We are living in very troubling times and need to make full use of our horoscopes to determine our independent Karma which is precisely predicted in our readings. For a personal life time horoscope reading and Free Numerological reading email us your name date, place and time of birthpunditroshan@telkomsa.net

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If yesterday was a bit hit and miss, then today it should be an absolute breeze! Thanks to planetary shifts and a surge of earth energy you are likely to be noticed for all the right reasons. There is also the suggestion in the planets of an overdue reward or welcome recognition for recent efforts!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 5, 12, 23, 35, 41


The key words today are responsible and stability. After a work-heavy week, your thoughts are very likely to switch to your finances. Feeling in control and on top will be important. Schedule in some time so you can address any deficits or identify where cuts can be made!

Today’s Numbers:   7, 19, 24, 32, 37, 44


As with others you’re likely to experience a marginally confusing day. Getting the measure of someone is usually no problem for you, but mixed influences suggest mutual mixed feelings with regards to a specific person. However, there’s every indication that this individual is actually a good friend in the making!

Today’s Numbers: 1, 12, 22, 26, 33, 46


The planets offer something along the lines of a crucial stepping stone towards settling a lingering or reoccurring matter. Resolution is certainly close, but don’t expect it to disappear completely just yet. It’s possible that another development resurrects the old matter just as you think it’s done with!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 9, 15, 25, 34, 48


Today’s planetary changes are likely to bring inner changes and a subtle shift in your way of thinking, as you are urged into cooperative activity with regards to a domestic matter. Don’t be dismayed if cracks appear in a specific matter or issue: these cracks can be repaired!

Today’s Numbers: 2, 17, 29, 32, 36, 45


It is possible that something, or even some, manages to get under your skin today. The frustrating part is that you may well not even be able to figure out why this specific event or individual is affecting you so much. Answers will come soon, and it may even be connected to romance!

Today’s Numbers:  4, 18, 24, 31, 37, 44


An eye for what will work will guide you through the day, whether you’re at work, school, or at home. A discerning taste, some good ideas, a finely tuned instinct and a sensible approach will balance together to offer success in whatever key area of your life you wish to change for the better!

Today’s Numbers: 1, 8, 15, 25, 33, 47


There’s no reason why the fun shouldn’t continue today, although there is a ‘but,’ thanks to mildly confusing influences, which may muddle your feelings over one specific individual. This is less likely to be romance or work related and more likely to be connected to an acquaintance or even a new arrival on the scene!

Today’s Numbers: 6, 12, 24, 35, 37, 45


Planetary shifts are likely to get you thinking about your room or your home today. A vibrant or unique environment will be what you need, so clear out any junk that is way past its sell-by-date and maybe browse your local mall for some nice decorative touches! Reserve the evening for fun!

Today’s Numbers:  7, 13, 26, 33, 41, 47


You could find yourself mulling over some quite important issues today. You’ll maybe consider questions, such as: are you making the most of yourself and any opportunities? This is not just related to your career; it’s about general life-happiness: perhaps some further research will help secure a satisfactory plan of action!

Today’s Numbers: 3, 12, 25, 29, 33, 48


This will be a great day to stimulate friendships and remember old contacts: write letters; send emails, and arrange a friendly day with your close friends. It’s possible that someone is feeling a little neglected or overlooked, so make sure that you don’t forget anyone!

Today’s Numbers: 7, 11, 14, 28, 34, 45


You might be tempted to think that someone, or something, is holding you back from doing what you really want to do; it might be easier to blame external factors, thanks to minor but negative influences. However, in a couple of days you’ll realize that the world is your oyster, so hang in there!

Today’s Numbers:   4, 12, 20, 35, 41, 47

HOROSCOPE With Lucky Numbers Monday 10 August

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das

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FREE 100 page Numerological Reading which provides you with an accurate Annual,    Monthly and Daily predictions. This will be sent to you together with your horoscope.

You are entitled to a FREE – Personal consultation when you are enabled to see me when we will provide you with a FREE palm reading, Spiritual reading, Advice on what gemstone will benefit you and a pulse diagnosis to determine the alignment of your chakras.

All for the price of one. It is our way of serving our Nation in these difficult times.

We are living in very troubling times and need to make full use of our horoscopes to determine our independent Karma which is precisely predicted in our readings. For a personal life time horoscope reading and Free Numerological reading email us your name date, place and time of birthpunditroshan@telkomsa.net

Feel FREE to speak to us should you be experiencing any problems which we can assist you with.


The stress you experienced yesterday should subside completely. However, chances are you will need some time to yourself at some point. Activities that are thrilling, exciting, or competitive will appeal today, while long and heavy-going conversations are more likely to bore you!

Today’s Numbers:   4, 11, 23, 26, 32, 45


Today’s influences emphasize everything beyond the workplace. It’s a day to socialize and get in touch: even if you’re at work you can still send an email on your lunch break. This evening will be primed for more of the same: a bubbly, lively atmosphere best spent with friends!

Today’s Numbers:   2, 8, 14, 26, 33, 48


Practical and financial matters should start to show signs of recovery, as unhelpful planetary influences fade. The morning might be slow-going or hard work, although a potential source of tension can be nipped in the bud, while the afternoon sees a dramatic and positive change of pace!

Today’s Numbers: 1, 16, 21, 27, 35, 42


Improved influences offer some interesting developments today. Unusually for a water sign you’ll be in a very, very sociable mood, and when Cancerians radiate charm, they radiate bundles, with spectacular results. This is a day where you can just enjoy being the center of attention!

Today’s Numbers:   9, 11, 22, 28, 34, 41


Improved lunar influences should banish any lingering doubts over a specific emotional matter. Clarity, common sense and logic are helpful in the morning but don’t let them impinge on the afternoon, when there is still plenty of space for the tender, loving moments too!

Today’s Numbers: 7, 13, 25, 30, 42, 46


You’re in line for a rather fabulous day today, thanks to a string of beneficial aspects, which are suggesting that you throw caution to the wind and do something different and out of the ordinary. You’ll also be in an extremely sociable mood, so get on the phone and get your friends involved too!

Today’s Numbers:  3, 8, 17, 24, 39, 40


The planets lighten up considerably today, bringing a much easier going day. Plans will go well and it will be a great day to take a friend or your partner to a place that revives old and pleasant memories since nostalgia features quite strongly. Revisit old and favorite places!

Today’s Numbers:  7, 19, 26, 33, 38, 47


This will be an excellent day for hot dates and sizzling moments, thanks to vastly improved influences. Whether you’re single or attached, an event or matter relating to romance is likely to have you smiling today, and your efforts to impress someone should pay off!

Today’s Numbers: 2, 5, 14, 27, 35, 41


After a couple of demanding days you’ll be relieved to hear that today should be like a stroll in the park. Tying up any loose ends will bring a sense of relief: a promise or an offer of help will come through, and you should finally get some belated recognition for yesterday’s endeavors!

Today’s Numbers: 8, 16, 22, 26, 32, 48


You will find that today will be much more balanced and harmonious than recently. You’ll have an inner calm which helps you cope sympathetically with a friend in need. But don’t forget yourself: some long overdue relaxation and fun should be scheduled into your busy day too!

Today’s Numbers:   1, 3, 12, 24, 38, 44


A couple of challenging influences suggests that you may either get the wrong end of the stick, or you may get some disappointing news today. Generally, communications aren’t well aspected, but there will definitely be a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to progress on the work front!

Today’s Numbers: 7, 18, 21, 26, 32, 47


After the last couple of iffy days you may be facing a backlog of work, but don’t despair; Thanks to supportive lunar influences you should have a brisk and efficient day, where you’ll cut through the bulk with few problems. Don’t forget to take some time to recharge your batteries this evening!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 11, 23, 32, 34, 46

HOROSCOPE With Free book on how to interpret your horoscope – Friday 7 August

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das 

Simply click on this link and open our latest publication on how to interpret your horoscope.


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FREE 100 page Numerological Reading which provides you with an accurate Annual,    Monthly and Daily predictions. This will be sent to you together with your horoscope.

You are entitled to a FREE – Personal consultation when you are enabled to see me when we will provide you with a FREE palm reading, Spiritual reading, Advice on what gemstone will benefit you and a pulse diagnosis to determine the alignment of your chakras.

All for the price of one. It is our way of serving our Nation in these difficult times.

We are living in very troubling times and need to make full use of our horoscopes to determine our independent Karma which is precisely predicted in our readings. For a personal life time horoscope reading and Free Numerological reading email us your name date, place and time of birthpunditroshan@telkomsa.net

Feel FREE to speak to us should you be experiencing any problems which we can assist you with.


A whole string of negative aspects could have you feeling as though you have hit a brick wall today: maybe there’s unwelcome news; maybe work matters resurface, or perhaps there’s a hint of discord in romance. Don’t get too disheartened: by the late afternoon several of these problems will melt away!

Today’s Numbers:   2, 15, 28, 31, 35, 42


You should prepare yourself for one of those days where those irritating little mishaps slow your routine down. However, it is only temporary and arranging an evening with your friends will soon lift your mood again. The daytime has the potential to be very productive and useful!

Today’s Numbers:   6, 14, 23, 33, 37, 46


You could find that you’re not feeling as self sufficient as you usually do. You may even feel overemotional and appear a little sentimental to the people around you. This is because of the rather intense lunar influences. Indulge it; watch a weepy film with some like minded friends!

Today’s Numbers: 1, 4, 21, 38, 42, 49


In an almost unchanged continuation of yesterday you’re likely to experience a very intense emotional outlook today, but watch that you don’t ride rough-shod over anyone in an effort to get what you want. Spending time with an unusual or zany friend will help soften that sharp exterior!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 16, 22, 26, 34, 45


The moon is playing havoc with nearly everyone today and the afternoon brings more prickly influences, but even so your mood is likely to lift. It could be a chance to start afresh or wipe the slate clean, or it could be that you learn something to your advantage! Cash opportunities are strongest before lunch!

Today’s Numbers: 2, 7, 18, 23, 32, 39


You’re likely to have your head in the clouds today, thanks to the moon, but this should be a day for catching up with friends, because one of them, quite probably a fellow earth sign, could inspire you into action. If it’s a new direction you’re looking for then look no further than this grounded friend!

Today’s Numbers:  5, 11, 25, 31, 37, 45


In amongst the very pesky lunar influences is one excellent one, which should assist communications. This aspect should ensure that your actions or words aren’t misinterpreted by someone who tends to be a little inflexible. Don’t be too afraid to speak your mind today!

Today’s Numbers: 6, 13, 17, 28, 33, 49


Usually it’s good to follow a friend’s advice; usually they can step back and see what you can’t, but today you might be wise to do what you think is right, especially if you suspect that your friend is way off target! Try to do this tactfully, though, in order to avoid hurting their feelings!

Today’s Numbers: 6, 12, 22, 26, 31, 45


Money is looking good today, but thanks to the moon you’re not likely to have much time to appreciate it! With this cash boost along with some pesky planetary influences. Going to the mall is probably not an option on a day where work matters might bubble up out of nowhere!

Today’s Numbers:  7, 18, 21, 36, 42, 47


Communications may present some minor problems today, especially with close friends or partners. You may start to feel that you’re living in a comedy of errors, but a great sense of humor will enable you to see the funny side! It’s not all muddled and misleading though: one illuminating comment proves useful!

Today’s Numbers: 5, 8, 14, 23, 39, 42


Yesterday’s hassles should ease significantly. It’s a day to structure as you want; as long as you take into account any cash restraints. The afternoon may well bring an interesting development: something currently on the sidelines is likely to attract your attention. Note it for future reference!

Today’s Numbers: 6, 11, 20, 36, 42, 46


If you can resist the temptation to draw attention to a matter that is best left alone for now, then there’s no reason why your day shouldn’t sparkle. This is a day where unresolved tensions can either be settled or stirred up. Perhaps if you give it some time, the answers and solutions will come!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 7, 15, 24, 39, 48

Janmasthami Message

Dear Divine Souls,

I hope that – by God’s grace – this finds you and all your loved ones in the best of health and happiness at this holy time of Janmasthami.

Krishna Janmasthami is the celebration of the day that Bhagwan Krishna incarnated in human form upon the Earth. It is celebrated at midnight on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). This year it will be celebrated on 12 August.

The day is celebrated by worshipping Bhagwan Krishna, fasting and chanting devotional kirtan and bhajans until past midnight.

The Bhagavad Gita says that whenever there is darkness in the world, whenever strife and ignorance prevail, the Lord incarnates to shine His divine light on the darkness. He grabs hold of the faltering world, preventing it from drifting too far astray.

However, the Lord does not simply incarnate, give wisdom and depart. Rather, His divine light, His divine message and His divine grace continue to shine, on and on, upon all future generations. His wisdom is such that, once given, it is timeless and eternal, infinite and universal. Lord Krishna’s message in the Bhagavad Gita and the message of His entire life are not meant merely for those who lived 5000 years ago in the lands of Mathura, Vrindavan, Kurukshetra and Dwarka. Rather, the messages are as timeless as His presence and grace.

As we celebrate the divine anniversary of the date He came forth into this world in human form, we must ask ourselves, “Why did He incarnate?” What were the messages of Lord Krishna’s life? What darkness did He come to dispel? In what ocean of ignorance were we drowning, from which He came to save us?

Most Indians, and now many Westerners as well, are familiar with the Bhagavad Gita. We know that Lord Krishna’s verbal message to Arjun on the battlefield was “Stand up. Do your duty.”

However, there are many other important messages in the Gita and also invaluable lessons and divine teachings embedded in the very life He lived. At this holy time of Janmasthami, let us examine and take to heart these messages. We must remember that Bhagwan Krishna incarnated FOR US. He incarnated to remove our veil of ignorance and darkness. It is our duty to Him to take His message to heart and let it uplift, inspire and transform us.

Never Lose Your Song:

One of the most beautiful lessons of Bhagwan Krishna’s life is: never lose yourself due to external circumstances, never lose your smile, never lose your song… Bhagwan Krishna’s life was full of trials and tribulations, beginning on the day when He took birth in a locked jail cell and ending in the jungle shot by a hunter’s arrow. However, throughout it all – through the innumerable challenges wrought upon Him – He always maintained His divine smile. He always played His divine flute. Even after His physical flute was left with Radhaji, the song of Krishna’s flute was always on, wherever He went. The song emanated from His very being. He never once said, “I’m in a bad mood today so I will not play my flute.” No. Regardless of what the external world brought and wrought, the Song was on. This is a beautiful message for our own lives.

So frequently we let small, small things upset us and ruin our day. However, to truly be Krishna devotees means that we should try, as much as possible, to follow His divine example. After all, it is for us that He incarnated on Earth and gave His beautiful, divine messages.

Therefore, whenever failure, frustration or fury stares us in the face and we are tempted to let it ruin our mood and our day, let us always remember the sound of Lord Krishna’s ever-present flute. Let us try to emulate His divine example and let our own song and our smile also be ever-present.

The Lord Unlocks All Locks in Our Life

Bhagwan Krishna came to Earth in the darkness of night, into the locked confines of a jail cell where His mother and father were being held prisoners, due to His evil uncle Kansa. However, at the moment of His appearance (in the form of a human infant) all the guards fell asleep, the chains were broken, and the barred doors gently opened. Thus Vasudeva (Krishna’s father) safely and easily carried baby Krishna across the flowing Yamuna to Gokul.

There is a beautiful message here, even from the first moment of the Lord’s life. We may be living in the darkness of midnight; we may be bound and chained by so many attachments, temptations, anger, grudges, pains and by the binding force of maya. We may feel ourselves locked into the prison of our own bodies, the prison of duality. However, as soon as we let the Lord live in our own hearts, all darkness fades, all chains are broken and all prison doors open freely. Wherever the Lord is, there are no locks.

Also, we can see that the door to the Lord – from any direction, inside or outside – is always open. The only lock is the lock of our own ignorance and our own illusions. As soon as that ignorance is dispelled, as soon as we see His glowing form, all the doors in this life and in all lives open to us.

Bliss All the Time

Beginning with His appearance in a jail and the immediate rush to whisk Him away to a new family, across Yamunaji in Gokul, the Lord was not given an “easy” childhood.sixth day of the Lord’s life, Putna (the demoness) made Him drink poison from her breast. In His third month of life a bullock cart fell on Him. Then, when He was four, huge trees fell on Him.

Until the age of eleven, He was in Vrindavan and Govardhan. The people of Govardhan worshipped Indra, singing his praises and making daily offerings to him. However, Bhagwan Krishna admonished them and said that they should worship Govardhan instead, since it was Govardhan who gave them land, water, grass for their cows. Yet, the people were afraid. Indra threatened to wreak havoc upon their lives if they ceased his worship. As Indra pummeled the beautiful land of Govardhan with rain, hail, thunder and lightening, the Lord held up the mountain of Govardhan over the heads of the people, protecting them from the violent storm. However, as He held up this mountain on the tip of His finger, for days and days as Indra grew more and more furious, He never became angry, nor frustrated, nor disheartened. No. He was always smiling, even in the midst of the torrential storm.

A few short years later, He was forced to kill His uncle, and He had to flee His home in Mathura, barefoot to Junagar, with nothing but a small pitambar. For years, then, this King of all Kings lived in a simple ashram, doing seva for the saints with no facilities, no amenities and no comfort. He had no coat for winter, no umbrella for the rains…

Yet, wherever He went, wherever He was, He was always blissful, always joyful, always shining His divine light upon others.

We, on the other hand, may get stuck in one traffic jam and our days are ruined. We have one business failure and we feel dejected and broken. We become afflicted with disease and we lose our faith in God.

So, what is the Lord teaching us? If He chose His birth and He chose the course of His life on Earth, why did He choose a life full of obstacles, turmoil, trials and tribulations? Why, if He could have lived His entire life as a king, did He spend so many years living in the jungle?

He did this to show us that the real palace is the palace of our heart. When our hearts are full of God, then we live constantly in the most beautiful Golden Palace, regardless of where our bodies may be. He chose this life to teach us that regardless of what insults are hurled at us or what obstacles we face, we must remain immersed in Divine Connection. Then we will not become depressed or frustrated. His life teaches us that we cannot change what happens – it happens for various reasons – but we CAN change our reaction to it. The message of His life is “adapt and adjust.” Move forward. We cannot stop the wind from blowing, but we can change the direction of our sails, so that instead of capsizing our boat, we use the wind to take us to our destination.

Seeing Bhagwan Krishna everywhere

A very important message from Bhagwan Krishna’s life is to see him everywhere, in everyone, all the time. He is embodied in every form and in all forms. In Lord Krishna’s childhood, he gave Mother Yasoda the darshan of the entire world in his mouth. Everything was shown to her in Lord Krishna’s mouth. When we sit in our puja, in our worship/meditation we look at God’s divine image and we see everything in Him. However, we must go further than just seeing everything in God. We must also see God in everything! When we look at a poor child, or when we look at an old widow, or when we look in the face of our enemy, we must see God. Then we will truly have learned the message of Bhagwan Krishna’s teachings.


One of the most important messages that Bhagwan Krishna gives to Arjuna is Abhayam, be fearless. Arjuna was afraid of battle, afraid of killing his relatives and loved ones. In our lives also we are paralyzed by fear. Omnipresent fear is one of the most insidious obstacles to our peace, happiness and progress in life.

When I say fear, I don’t necessarily mean terror. But, rather I mean all that makes us anxious, nervous, tense and in need of controlling our surroundings. The root of fear is distrust. We have been betrayed, injured and abused. We decide that the world and those around us cannot be trusted. In this way, we lose that faith which is so crucial.

What is the answer? The answer to fear is to firmly root ourselves in God (by whatever name, whatever form you choose). When we realize that God is always with us, always for us, we will never be afraid regardless of the circumstances.

Sure, our family and friends may betray us. They may injure us. But, if we give ourselves to God, if we make our relationship with Him our first priority then we will never be broken inside; we will always be cared for.

There is a story of a very powerful king. This king prided himself on being generous and caring for all his subjects. He would often boast that no one in his kingdom was hungry or cold or impoverished. Once, a holy man came to see the king. The king told the holy man how he provided for everyone in the kingdom so well. The holy man asked the king to come for a walk. While they walked in the forest, the saint picked up a large rock by the side of a stream. “Break the rock,” he ordered the king. The king looked surprised but immediately told his servant to smash the rock. As the rock broke open they saw a small frog, living peacefully in the nutrient-rich water which had gathered inside the rock. “Have you provided this as well?” the holy man asked the king. The king realized that he could not possibly provide something as perfect, as intricate as this food and shelter for the frog. He realized that it is really God who provides for all His subjects.

We must realize that if God can provide for even the smallest insects, He certainly will provide for us.

I heard a beautiful story of a young boy on a ship. The ship was trapped in a large storm and waves rocked the boat furiously. The passengers screamed and cried and held each other for dear life. In the midst of this terror sat a very young boy, calm, composed and angelic. When asked why he did not cry he answered, “My mother is here, so I know everything will be all right.” This feeling we must cultivate. If God is here, if God is with us all the time, then everything will always be all right.

We take out millions of dollars (or pounds or rupees…) of insurance to protect our homes, our property, our cars. But, what about our lives? Who will protect our lives? We must remember our Divine Insurance Company. We must place all of our faith in Him. He will never betray us, and we will rest assured knowing that we are in the best of hands.

We must realize that we are God’s children. Just as a child is never afraid when his mother is near, so we must never fear. Fear immobilizes us. It freezes us. It prevents us from thinking clearly. Most of all, it serves no purpose. No tragedy has ever been prevented by fear. No catastrophe has ever been averted by anxiety. No. Calm, serene, wise understanding of the situation coupled with undying faith is what is needed.

Let us renew our faith in the Supreme. Let us give away our fears, our anxieties. Let us put all our insurance in the Divine Insurance Company. Let us realize that everything is just as it is supposed to be. We are in the lap of our Mother. How can anything go wrong?

Surrender to the Divine

The teachings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita are not applicable merely to life on a battlefield, when war is imminent. Rather the true battlefield is within us constantly, and war is being waged every day. Through His teaching to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Bhagwan Shri Krishna gives us lessons for our lives. The Gita is a divine “Map of Life” for it shows us clearly both the destination and also the clearest and best path to reach there. Just as the GPS system in our cars is always there to show us the path and to quickly tell us if we’ve gone astray, so the Bhagavad Gita is like the GPS system for our lives. Wherever we want to go, whatever we want to achieve, we simply need to turn to the Gita for the instructions of how to reach our goal.

However, in order for the GPS system in the car to start working, after we have entered the destination address, we must push the “accept” button. This button activates the guided instructions; without it the instructions will not begin and we will not be guided to our destination. Similarly in our lives, we must accept His message and surrender, constantly, over and over again, to His Divine Will. It is surrender and only surrender that allows divine grace to work in our lives. It is surrender, and only surrender, that brings Lord Krishna’s presence into our lives.

But, how to surrender?

There is a beautiful mantra we chant which is wonderful for cultivating a spirit of surrender: It is as follows:

Kaayena vaachaa manasendriyairvaab
uddhyaatmanaavaa prakriteh svabhaavaat
Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai
naaraayanaayeti samarpayaami

This means, “Oh Lord….whatever I have done, whatever actions I have performed through my speech, through my mind (anything I’ve thought), through my intellect (anything I’ve planned, achieved or understood), through my hands or body or through any of my senses, therefore anything at all I have performed, perceived or thought, it is all due to Your divine grace and I lay it all humbly at Your holy feet.”

By chanting this mantra, sincerely, deeply and devotionally every night, we remove any vestiges of ego or attachment which may still be lingering, clinging and preventing us from truly surrendering and therefore finding peace and divine connection.

On this beautiful and divine day of Janmasthami let us offer to Him not only our prayers, our puja and our aarti, but let us offer our lives at His holy feet. Let us surrender completely to His Divine Will. This will bring great peace, purity and divinity into our own lives.

With love and blessings to you and all your loved ones,
In the service of God and humanity,

Pundit Roshan Singh

HOROSCOPE With Lucky numbers – Thursday 06 August

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das

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You are likely to bite off more than you can chew yourself today, as the demands of the day pile up. Just remember that you can’t please everyone and if you find you’re struggling to keep everyone satisfied then don’t be afraid to ask for a little help from a close friend!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 11, 22, 30, 35, 42


You could find that you have difficulty in expressing your feelings today, although the influences of Mercury will lessen those difficulties. Avoid emotional or overly heavy discussions: an afternoon in the mall shopping for a glamorous outfit will be an ideal way to spend the day!

Today’s Numbers:   7, 14, 23, 35, 41, 44


Hold onto your cash and steer clear of the mall today. Your finances aren’t looking strong enough to support a spending spree. Today may be a good day to sit down and cast a critical eye on your spending habits; you’ll be surprised at just how much you can save if you’re sensible!

Today’s Numbers: 4, 8, 17, 22, 38, 47


You’ve not had the most dynamic and satisfying week and today, unfortunately, is likely to present some minor problems in terms of communications. It is possible that someone isn’t letting you into a secret or being fully honest; bide your time till this evening, when things become a little clearer!

Today’s Numbers:   5, 12, 24, 31, 35, 46


The minor Mars/Pluto aspect seems to be throwing a slight shadow over romantic developments again! However, this time it could be that someone wants more from you than you’re prepared to give. Ask yourself: are they being reasonable? Ask yourself: are you being reasonable?

Today’s Numbers: 9, 16, 25, 29, 33, 41


As with a couple of other signs the evening will be a vast improvement on the day. You’re likely to be in a very sociable mood, thanks to the moon, but it is possible that someone close to you needs some space. Try and take the hint today, Libra, and you’ll find the evening has much to offer!

Today’s Numbers:  2, 14, 20, 32, 40, 47


The scattering of less than helpful aspects suggests a scattered kind of day where nothing really gets off the ground. Be proactive; invite friends over or spend some time with your family in the evening, and use the daytime to get those tiresome chores or errands out of the way!

Today’s Numbers: 5, 18, 23, 26, 35, 44


It might be wise to keep romance on the back-burner for another day, if possible. The moon doesn’t bode well for cozy or tender moments; it might even be that you’re considered a little aloof today. If there’s something on your mind then give yourself some space to work it through!

Today’s Numbers: 9, 19, 21, 33, 36, 46


It’s not likely to be one of the best days; you’ll be happy to answer a call for help, but is the person who wants the help willing or ready to listen to your views? If they’re not, then don’t push it, because there will be no point. Just know when to call it a day, today!

Today’s Numbers:  7, 13, 25, 34, 41, 47


Don’t be too surprised if your great plans for the day become a little unstuck; the pesky Venus/Mercury aspect will disappear this evening, but not before it’s caused a few minor stresses. Give a family member the space to get something off their chest; chances are they have a point today!

Today’s Numbers: 2, 8, 16, 25, 37, 44


It might be best if you avoid the mall today, the planets suggest that while you may feel the need to revamp your image it is possible that your proposed changes won’t be met with approval from your nearest and dearest. The moon will make you a little too experimental today!

Today’s Numbers: 3, 11, 20, 27, 32, 40


Today’s planets are clear as a bell: stick with the tried and trusted and save the adventurous spirit for another day. Today’s emphasis is likely to be on friendships and leisure, so if you stick to the rules and be sensible you should end the weekend on a pleasant note!

Today’s Numbers:   9, 18, 26, 34, 39, 43

HOROSCOPE OF LORD KRISHNA – The authenticity of Jyotish Astrology

Let us examine and study the horoscope of God Sri Krishna; Supreme God, incarnation God (Lord) Sri Maha Vishnu.

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

When one looks into the birth chart of Lord Krishna, then almost similar combinations are observed i.e. Jupiter, Moon (placed in Ascendant), Saturn, Rahu and Ketu all in their exulted state. Sun and Mars placed in their own sign and Mercury along with Sun making Buddhaditya yoga in Kendra.

Interestingly, such a highly exalted state of planets is formed when the Supreme chose to incarnate in human form. Be it Lord Rama, Krishna or Buddha, they all had one thing in common for sure, and that was the extraordinarily exalted and amplified state of planets at the time of the Birth.

His mission in his life (avathara) was Parithraanaya Sadhunam, vinasayacha dushkrutham, dharma-samsthapana arthaaya smabhavaami yuge, yuge = To protect the virtuous persons, to destroy sinners, evil doers, devils and demons; and to establish dharma (righteousness) in this world (Bhagavad-geeta sloka).

Date of Birth = June—17/18—3229 (Before Christ); Time Midnight. Sraavana, Krishna paksha Ashtami; Birth Star = Rohini. Place of birth = Mathura (27*25’ North; 77*41’ East . Ashtamyaam, Sraavanamaase, Krishna-pakshe ashtami maha-thithau; Rohinyaam, ardha-rathre, cha sudnmsa udayonmukhe. (from Srimad Bhagavatham by Sri Vyasa Maharshi.

Krishna was born at midnight of 17 /18 June 3229 BCE (gregorian calendar) on Sravana Krishna Ashtami (vedic panchang) during the end of Dwapara Yuga and lived on earth for 126 years, 8 months.

In His original form, Lord Krishna appeared at mid-night, Sravana Krishna Astami (Ashtami ended in evening on 17th June and it was navami but rohini nakshatra during time of birth) from the heart of mother Devaki as four armed Vishnu (Prishni-Garbha Vishnu, the form that is worshipped today in Guruvayur Temple), so that His father and mother could understand their son was the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Planetary Positions at the time of birth of Bhagavan Sri Krishna:

Lord Sri Krishna, the PARAMATMA, (the Supreme God), was born in the midnight of Sravana month, Krishna paksha, and Ashtami thithi (Lunar-day). Birth Star was Rohini.

Moon is in Birth-lagna and also Indu-lagna, (Taurus) exalted, and is highly beneficial. Vrushabhe’ Chandrasthe su-rupam, poorna bhagyadaha = Moon is in Taurus is exalted and is in birth lagna, the person is very handsome, noble and generous and enjoys royal comforts = – Daakshinya, roopa, dhana, bhoga,guna-vare’nya, Chandrethu Vrushabha-gathe janma-lagne.

Gajaskesari yoga : Gaja-kesari yogoyam Chandra-kendre Bruhaspathihi; Gaja-kesari yoga sanjatho, subha-yogam, satha aayu praapthihi. Jupiter is in 4 th house (Kendra) from Moon (exalted); this is strong Maha-raja-yogam, Gaja-kesari yogam. Vrushabhe Jeev, maha-sukham, dhana, kanaka, vathu vaahana, harmya, vana, bhoo, vidya – adhikamraja vaibhavam = Jupiter in 4 th house gives happiness and royal comforts and an Emperor’s life = Sasthra-abhyasaasaktha- chitto veineethaha;kanta-vitha-athyam sanjatha soukyaha, manthree-marthaha, karyartha pramathau, jaya-bhave deva deva adideve.)

Varga-uttama-amsa : Mars in in Cancer both in Raasi and Amsa charts; this gives enhanced effects due to Mars. Saturn (yoga-kaarak) is in Scorpio both in Rasi and Amsa charts; this gives enhanced effects due to Saturn.

Parivarthana (Exchange) yoga : Venus is in Cancer ruled by Moon; Moon is in Taurus ruled by Venus. This strengthened the benefits of Moon and Venus in both their periods.

Sun is in his own house, Leo, in Kendra (4 th house) from lagnas Vrusha lagne’ chathrthe Bhanau, vahana, udyoga, viabhavam = Sun gives many vehicles, riches, highest position of a king and pomp and prosperity of a king. Sun (aatma-kaaraka) endowed him perfection of personality and nobility. All these super-yogas made him a Ruler of the world and an Emperor of the Universe.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo, his own house and is in 5 th house (Kona; Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam). Vruschika panchame Soumye, akhanda raja-yogasya, vidya, vahana, udyoga, puthra labhadaha = The person enjoys the stature and comforts and life of an Emperor; he gifted with highest level of learning; he has numerous vehicles, horses, and elelpahnts; highest power and profession (he ruled the Universe); he is blessed with highly gifted children.

Born in Rohini – 4th paadam, which is danger for maternal uncle. That is the reason why his uncle Kansa was afraid of him and ultimately died in his hands.
Even Krishna’s nephew Abhimanyu was born in Rohini 4th padam, which was threat to Krishna himself. So, he did not prevent Abhimanyu’s death in Kurukshetra.

Analysis based on planetary positions:

Birth lagna is Taurus and Venus is its lord. Exalted moon (47*45’) is very near birth lagna (50*41’). Vrushabha lagne Chandra stithau, su-roopam; paripoorna bhagyadaha = Moon bestows him handsome and strong ,body and the period of Moon is highly beneficial to him.

Saturn’s (yoga-kaaraka for Taurus) drushti (aspect) is on Moon and birth lagna; so Sri Krishna is very handsome. Venus, Moon, Mars and Saturn have dominant influence and this combined beneficial effect has given Sri Krishna a very graceful and handsome appearance.

Venus is in his own house (5 th from Lagna) in Nava amsa chart; this bestowed him magnanimous nature: he was epitome of courtesy and kindness even to poor person like Kuchela; and to low-born Chandala servant-maid Kubja (as we find in Bhagavata).

Mars is in cancer and is debilitated; and gave him neecha-bhanga raja-yoga; Mars is martial nature planet; he has Varga-uttama-amsa; this gave Sri Krishna invincible martial powers; Mars in 3rd house (courage & bravery). He fought bravely and killed hundreds of mighty raakshasas like Kamsa, Sisupala, Dantavakra. His tact, courage, resourcefulness in battle field are extolled several times in Sri Bhagavat. He caused death of Kaalnemi like raakshasaas by tact, because they cannot be killed in face-to-face fight by the boons they acquired. All these super-yogas made him a Ruler of the world and an Emperor of the Universe. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, his own house and is in 5 th house (Kona; Sri Maha Lakshi stanam). Vrushabhe panchame Soumye, akhanda raja-yogasya, vidya, vahana, udyoga, puthra labhadaha = The person enjoys the stature and comforts and life of an Emperor; he gifted with highest level of learning; he has numerous vehicles, horses, and elephants; highest power and profession (he ruled the Universe).

Moon is the planet of emotions; she is exalted in birth lagna; so Sri Krishna had lot of emotional attachment to his devotees and hastens to rescue them without any delay; ex: Draupadi devi at the time of her modesty being attacked in Kaurava royal court by Demon-brothers Duryodhana and Dussasana and others. This also gave him serenity of mind and is unmoved in the most difficult and precarious situations; ex. at the time of his visit to Kaurava’s royal court as ambassador of Pandavas to encourage Kauravas to abstain from war and give some share in the kingdom, Kauravas tried to harm him; he did not lose his composure and dealt them in befitting way.

Mercury is the lord of 2 nd (house of speech) and 5 th (house of intellect) and is in Virgo (5 th; house) and is exalted. This bestowed him highest intelligence, power of speech to convince persons and turn them to his side tactfully. He is an intellectual giant; he posses the highest power of understanding; he tactfully dealt with Duryodhana when he approached him for support in Kurushethra war and helped Arjuna. He dealt with various virtues and deceptions all his life quire successfully. The ideal disposition of Mercury gave him uncanny diplomacy, skills of tackling and unlimited vision; he possessed boundless power of thinking and planning. He planned several incidents and mainly the Kurukshetra war and executed his plans so meticulously that always his plans were successful and yielded the results he wanted.

Lord Sri Krishna has Moon’s period (Chandra Maha Dasa) running at the time of birth. Krishna Ashtami Moon is waning and is 50% beneficial; 50% malefic. Saturn’s drushti (aspect) on lagna is malefic. Mars (lord of 7 th house; marakasthaana (death-causing) is in 3 rd house ruled by Moon So he suffered fierce attacks from demons like Poothana, Vrushabhasura, Sakatasura and the like; due to his divine nature, he killed them all and saved himself very easily. During the periods of Moon and Mars, he suffered many bala-arishtas (dangers of life during childhood) His birth star is Rohini; it causes danger to the life of his maternal uncle (Demon King Kamsa). The Bala-arishtas of Sri Krishna ended with his killing Kamsa, as part of his life’s mission.

During Rahu main period, he destroyed most of the demons like Mushti, Chaanoora, Demon King Kamsa, Sisupala, Kalanemi, Madhu, Kaitabha and many more. During the period of Jupiter he maintained peace and tranquility in the world and helped Pandavas from their troubles.

During the period of Saturn, he wielded his power and guided the Kurukshethra war and completed the destruction of evil forces prevalent in the form of Kauravas and their associates; and protected dharma (righteousness) in the world. He showered his blessings profusely on his devotees King Bhishma, Vidura, Akroora and bestowed them moksha (freedom from cycle of birth and death; salvation).

Vrushe’ sendhau la savithur theekshan shuthanayoh suhruth jayaa khasyaur bhavathi niyamaan manavapathihi = If Vrushabha (Taurus) is birth lagna and Moon (Chandra) is in it, Sun ( Ravi) is in Leo (Simha). Saturn (Sani) is in Aquarius (Kumbha), the person will certainly be an Emperor. He is, like Sun, is very brilliant hero and unconquerable. 9) Jupiter is in the 4 th house (kendra) Sanamanadhyo, dhana, vahana, bhavnadai sanjatha harshaha, purusha ssadaivaha, nrupa-anukampana upaatha sampath; ambholi bhrun-manthrini bhoothalasthe = Sri Krishna is worshipped by millions of people then and now; all the kings and emperors adored him as the Supreme Lord; he received invaluable gifs and offerings from many kings and rulers. He is the perennial fountain of Brahma-ananda; a source of infinite bliss and happiness. He possesses all the land (Universe); he is omniscient (possessed all knowledge and wisdom); all his relatives, friends and devotees prosper well and are immensely benefited by his grace . Sri Krishna was an epitome of rich and benevolent sympathy and responsive divine generosity and munificence. 10) Ravi, Jeeva samyuthau yathra Ravi paake su-yogadaha; Guru daaye maha-yogam; ithi nischayaha = The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter is highly beneficial. Both Sun and Jupiter bestow him the best benefits. Also this combination made him a terror to his enemies and a ever-helping friend to his friends, relatives, wise people and his devotees.

Saturn is the lord of Bhagya (9th) and Rajya (10th) houses; he is very highly beneficial to Vrushabha (Taurus) lagna native. Saturn alone can give high benefits without any conjugation = Vrushabhasyacha Mandaika dharma-karma-adhip-bhaveth; Sani eakam subham- daanthum samartho. Saturn aspects (drushti on10 th) the 4 th house and Sun (Atma-kaaraka) and Jupiter (Dharma and Karma karaka) in Leo. So Sri Krishna possessed a msiilnary zeal to protect dharma and the rightesous. This is the main purpose of his avathar (incarnation).

The lord of Lagna (Venus) and the lord of vyaya (12 th house) (Mars) and Rahu are conjunct in 3 rd house (upachaya); this explains the occurrence of birth of Sri Krishna in prison.

Jupiter is the lord of 11 th house (Pisces); house of elder brothers; je in Kendra in 4 th house and gained 8 navamsas. He is aspected (10 th drushti) by Saturn and Saturn is conjunct with Rahu in nava-amsa. This explains the reason of his birth as the 8 th issue to his parents; and all his elder brothers were slain by Demon-king Kamsa.

Moon is mathru-kaaraka (significator of mother) and is exalted; Sun is pithru-kaaraka (Significator of father) and is in his own house Leo in kendra (4 th house) and is strong. So Sri Krishna gave immense joy and happiness by releasing his parents from prison; also they lived hale, healthy and happy and had very long-life-span.

Venus is kalthra-karaka (significator of wife), Mars is lord of vyayam (12th house) and 7th house (Scorpio). Venus (102*53’), Mars (91*05’) and Rahu (108*23’) are together in 3 rd house (upachaya). Due to this Sri Krishna has 8 wives. Venus and Rahu are very near and Mars (sensuous planet) is away from Venus. Sri Krishna has no carnal attitude; in fact he practiced and preached total detachment from worldly pleasures and possessions. Venus as lord of birth lagna endows him vitality, but he has complete control over his senses, desires and organs.

5th house (Virgo) has its lord Mercury in exaltarion; Jupiter is (puthra-kaarak) is in Kendra conjunct with Sun (in his own house); these benefic aspects bestowed him many children; all are hale, healthy, happy and highly gifted, like Anirudha, and Pradyumna.

Sri Krishna has Jupiter-Sun (in his own house) conjunction in 4 th house; houise of education and learning. So Krishna has ocean of knowledge, wisdom and learning. He is a sikhsak (Guru) of Vedas, Vedaangas and all sastras and kalalu (fine-arts). He mastered 64 branches of learning in 64 days during his boyhood, says Sri Bhagavatam. He is expert in various asthras and sastraas (weapons use in battle). He is the Lord of all forms of learning and Supreme Guru.

The Kurukshetra war occurred during his Ketu period. Sri Krishna played a vital and decisive role in Mahabharatha war and was the real hero of the episode, without taking active role in the war. Ketu is in bhaya-sthaana (9th house) ruled by Saturn (yoga-kaarka for him); Saturn gains full digbala (directional strength) by virtue of his position in 7 th house. Ketu gives the beneficial results due to Saturn. He was the driver of the chariot of Arjuna and was observing the war silently and appears to be passive. But he directed the movements and course of the war so meticulously, that he achieved his prime mission of life (avathara) “destroying the cruel and wicked Kauravas and their supporters and protecting the righteous, and virtuous Pandavas and their followers” quite successfully.

Ketu is moksha-kaaraka (significator of salvation); he is in 9th house in the constellation of Moon. Mars (martial planet) apects (7th drushti) Ketu; Saturn was beneficial and very well fortified. It was during the end of Ketu period Venus sub-period, Sri Krishna preached the Bhagavad-geetha, the quit-essence of dharma to Arjuna on the Kurukshethra battle field before the commencement of war. When Arjuna shirked to fight overcome by emotions, Sri Krishna preached him his duty as Kshathriya to fight bravely in the war and leave the results to Parama-atma Sri Krishna. Bhagavad-geeta now is the basis for universal dharma and all real religions.

After the Mahabharatha war Sri Krishna led a peaceful life during Venus. Sun and Moon periods for about 35 years.

The starting of Mars period brought him troubles; dissensions among yadavas broke out. Finally Sri Krishna freed from his mortal body and attained his Divine status during this Mars main period and Mars sub-period during the directional (malefic) influence of Mars. Mars is lord of 7 th house is maarka (death-causing); he is in 3 rd house (upachaya), house of longevity and is conjunct with (malefic)Rahu; In Nava-amsa Mars is in 2 nd house (maarka sthaana; death-causing). Consistent with Mars nature. Sri Krishna was hit by an arrow of a hunter; and his end was caused by a weapon. God Sri Krishna changed his mortal body into his divine temporal body and returned to his heavenly abode “Vaikuntha” . His physical body disappeared.

It is impossible for ordinary persons to evaluate the divine personality of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. He is the Supreme Lord incarnate, statesman, counselor, diplomat, philosopher and Yogeswara, the expounder of immortal Bhagavad-geetha, the destroyer of the sinners and the protector of the virtuous = Parithranaya sadhoonam; vinasayacha dushkruthaam…

All the three important factors in his horoscope, the strong birth-lagna, Sun and the Moon have been rendered very beneficial. Atma-kaarka Sun, conjunct with Janana-kaarka Jupiter aspecting (7th drushti) the 10th house (karma-sthaana) reveals a highly integrated and balanced personality of Sri Krishna. Saturn (Yoga-kaaraka) is in Varga-uttama-amsa and has digbala (directional strength). Saturn aspecting (10th drushti) Sun and Jupiter and his being placed in his own constellation are favourbale factors rendering the nativity strong and beneficial. Since Saturn happens to be aayu-kaarka (significator of longevity) also, the strong disposition of Saturn conferred a long life-span of 125 years to Sri Krishna.

Mercury is lord of 2 nd (speech) and 5 th houses (intelligence) and is exalted in trikona (5 th house) proves him to be an extraordinary intellectual genius. 25) Lagna lord is Venus and is conjunct with two malefics Mars and Rahu in upachaya-sthaana. Jupiter and Sun are conjunct in Kendra (4 th house); these two important factors endow Sri Krishna perfection in all aspects of his personality. He is an ideal father, an ideal son, an ideal husband, an ideal ruler (king), an ideal statesman, and above all an ideal Guru (teacher who guides people like Arjuna from asath (ignorance) to sath and sad-gathi (wisdom and elightenment). He not only preached but also showed in practice to perform his own duties, by being non-attached to the deeds or its fruits (results).

Remarks: Sri Krishna was a historical reality. One should vehemently oppose the so-called-scholars and modern politicians who argue that Sri Rama and Sri Krishna were not epic heroes but only fantasy figures. Even photographs taken recently from satellites and sub-marines revealed unequivocally the remains of the city of Dwaraka and its palaces submerged under the Arabian sea on the west coast in Sourashtra region. A mere fantasy figure and literary creation can not move billions of people from ages and bring solace and bliss to billions of souls. We can find clues to His divine personality based on the manner the benefics and malefics are disposed in his Horoscope and the spheres of influences involved. The explanation of the meanings of all His deeds can progressively reveal itself to thousands of generations that follow Him. The immortal and divine song of universal dharma, the great Bhagavad-geeta preached by Supreme Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna, when he was wavering to fight the battle and do his duty properly, has inspired and influenced billions of persons for the past 5 thousand years. Geeta offered solutions to their problems according to their own stage of mental and spiritual evolution; it guided many on the path of righteousness and prevented many from treading paths of sin and wrong.

HOROSCOPE With Lucky Numbers – Tuesday 4 August

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das

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A more industrious vibe could apply the pressure, since there is likely to be a definite call for quality on the work front for the next couple of days. It’s also possible that an unexpected deadline may come into play. There are days when it’s good to take a stand, but this isn’t likely to be one of them!

Today’s Numbers:   3, 4, 12, 23, 32, 44


A couple of minor aspects could make for a testing day. Perhaps there’s a feeling of being pushed in the wrong direction. What you perceive to be a general lack of cooperation could be down to a simple miscommunication and you may just need to accept that sometimes these basic errors happen!

Today’s Numbers:   1, 18, 26, 34, 41, 46


Recent complications should ease into a more a leisurely day. However, while the current influences may seem quite tame, there is a note of caution. It’s not a great day to negotiate or strike up new agreements. A marginally timid undercurrent suggests that you’ll possibly lose out!

Today’s Numbers: 2, 17, 24, 33, 38, 47


There’s a possibility of a small setback or minor disappointment at some point during the day. This could be connected to something discovered recently. The rather wary undercurrent suggests that you may just need to let go of something that is either redundant or at a standstill!

Today’s Numbers:   4, 12, 27, 38, 41, 44


Today has the capacity to offer some useful opportunities within a more contained vibe. If there is a chance to boost your income, then take it, but only if there is no risk and/or anxiety involved. The same applies if a temporary role of responsibility becomes available on the work front!

Today’s Numbers: 9, 16, 22, 34, 38, 41


You’re likely to be in a very decisive, firm mood; you’ll know exactly what you want to do and how to do it, but you might do well to mellow a little. Don’t rely solely on overly inflexible methods and approaches, especially if you’re not entirely sure what the result will be, since this could turn out to be a non-starter!

Today’s Numbers:  3, 19, 25, 28, 32, 46


The overall vibe won’t be a bad one, but you may end up trying to accommodate too many opinions. Avoid the temptation to sidestep any looming deadlines too, since the industrious vibe won’t be able to support unfeasible targets. It’s also a day to perhaps be a little more decisive and a little less reliant on others!

Today’s Numbers: 7, 11, 22, 26, 35, 41


It’s a day to perhaps expect the unexpected. Plan ahead. Work-related issues could creep in and dampen the mood somewhat. It’s possible that one outstanding niggle may resurface; if so, avoid overreacting. In addition, a seemingly unconnected discovery could materialize!

Today’s Numbers: 8, 17, 26, 31, 34, 48


A supportive vibe is likely to be temporary. Make the most of them by aiming for short-term targets and don’t dither over any straightforward choices. Don’t let things drag on, since tomorrow may well bring minor but time-consuming glitches into your relationship zone!

Today’s Numbers:  2, 6, 15, 29, 31, 49


Minor communication problems may cause some minor tensions. Be careful what you say, since there is a chance that you’ll seem to be a little intractable. It’s certainly not the best day to retract an old promise. By the same token; don’t lock yourself into an awkward situation!

Today’s Numbers: 8, 14, 22, 26, 35, 41


A brisker vibe may see you accepting surface impressions and not paying enough attention to what may be underneath, while a cautious undercurrent could deter you from asking he right questions. You might need to err on the side of caution when it comes to guarantees and promises!

Today’s Numbers: 3, 11, 24, 32, 39, 47


It’s a day where a constructive vibe may well open up the communication lines, although you may have to take on board something not to your liking. If you can resist a slight tendency to argue, then the long term effect of an exchange is more likely to be beneficial!

Today’s Numbers:   9, 15, 19, 23, 36, 42

Lord Balaram’s Appearance Day and Raksha Bandhan – Monday 03 August

Jyotishacharya Shasti Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das

This year, 2020, Lord Baladeva’s appearance day anniversary is August 3. Srila Gurudeva Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja gave a discourse in His glorification in Hindi, translated by Radhika dasi of Russia. The following is a transcription of that translation:]

Today is the appearance day of Rohini-nandana Baladeva. According to the Vedic scripture Garga-samhita, Baladeva Prabhu appeared after Janmastami, but if this is accepted, there would be confusion. Baladeva would be older than Krsna by one year, and then They would not be able to play together, wrestle on equal terms, and have Their name-giving ceremony performed for both of Them at the same time. Therefore, Srila Jiva Gosvami has explained, “Baladeva Prabhu appeared after Jhulana-yatra on the purnima, the full-moon day, and Sri Krsna appeared seven days later on bhadra-astami, the auspicious eighth day of the moon in the month of Bhadra (August/September).” 

After Krsna appeared from the womb of Devaki in His four-armed form of Visnu, Vasudeva brought Him to Gokula. That same Supreme Personality of Godhead, the reservoir of all relationships, simultaneously took birth in Gokula. In this way, He appeared at both places, in Mathura and Gokula, at the same time. Then, as Vasudeva was placing Him on Yasoda’s bed, the expansion (vaibhava-prakasa) of Krsna, who had appeared in the four-armed form, merged into the original form of Krsna, the son of Yasoda.

In the same way, Baladeva Prabhu’s partial expansion first appeared in the womb of Devaki, and then, following Krsna’s order, Yogamaya transferred Him to the womb of Rohini in Vraja, where He was already manifested in His full feature in her womb. In Vrndavana, Krsna is the son of Yasoda and Baladeva is the son of Rohini, and They are the source of all other expansions.

When Krsna and Baladeva leave Vraja and then dwell in Mathura or Dvaraka, at that time They are the sons of Devaki. Devaki-nandana Baladeva lives in Mathura, and there Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha manifest from Him. The first of this catura-vyuha (quadruple expansion) is Sankarsana. Baladeva Prabhu Himself manifests in His partial expansion as Mula (root) Sankarsana, and in Vaikuntha He manifests as Maha Sankarsana. Maha Sankarsana then manifests as Karanodakasayi, from Him Garbhodakasayi, from Him Ksirodakasayi who is present in the hearts of all jivas, and his final expansion is the infinite Ananta-sesa.

Raksha Bandhan
Throughout India, on this day ladies tie rakhis (a decorated cloth bracelet) on the wrists of their brothers. Another name of a rakhi is ananta. People used to wear these anantas, made of either gold or silver, so that Ananta-deva would protect them. Baladeva Prabhu takes the form of Ananta-sesa, on whose coils rest Karanodakasayi, Garbhodakasayi, and Ksirodakasayi. He arranges everything necessary for Krsna’s manifestations, He becomes Krsna’s sandals, umbrella, and seat, and in this way He serves Them all. In fact, all that exists in Vraja is Baladeva Prabhu’s manifestation.

Krsna is sat-cit-ananda. Sat is sandhini (eternal existence, or maintenance), cit is knowledge, and ananda is hladini, pleasure. Baladeva is the presiding Deity of the first kind of energy, sat or sandhini. Krsna is the presiding Deity of cit or samvit, and Srimati Radhika is the presiding Deity of ananda or hladini. Joined together, sat, cit, and ananda is knowledge in eternal spiritual existence, which is full of bliss. This is sat-cit-ananda Sri Krsna.

When Krsna is with all His energies in full, sat-cit-ananda, His manifestations are called svamsa incarnations. When He is only with His cit energy, then He is called Brahman. When He is situated within jiva-sakti, then His sat-cit-ananda energies are present only in minute form. This manifestation of Sri Krsna is called vibhinamsa, or the jiva, the minute spiritual living entity. Or, it can be said that when Sri Krsna, leaving aside all other saktis, is situated in His tatastha-sakti (jiva-sakti), He expands as the innumerable, infinitesimal living entities called the jivas.

In Vraja, Baladeva prabhu is the son of Rohini, and in Mathura and Dvaraka He is the son of Devaki. He manifests in these and other forms to serve Krsna in all Krsna’s incarnations. In Krsna’s incarnation as Rama, Baladeva became Rama’s younger brother, Laksmana. Laksmana did not like to carry out some of Rama’s orders, like taking the exiled Sita to the forest, but He was compelled to follow His elder brother’s order. During the pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Baladeva prabhu came as Nityananda Prabhu, the elder brother of Mahaprabhu. When Mahaprabhu would lose consciousness due to being immersed in the mood of Srimati Radhika, Nityananda would take care of Him. Also, He is guru-tattva.

Baladeva killed Dhenukasura, the personification of ignorance. He also killed Pralambha, who is personified hypocrisy. Until our heart is cleared of hypocrisy, we will attain nothing in the realm of bhakti. If we desire a good job, good marriage, and good relatives, if our heart is filled with so many material desires, how can Krsna come into our heart? Therefore, first Baladeva Prabhu comes and purifies us of those material desires. He also killed Dvivida, who had offended Laksmana during Rama’s pastimes.

When Baladeva visited Naimisaranya, Lomaharsana was narrating the sastras. Everyone present stood up to greet Baladeva, but out of pride Lomaharsana did not rise from his seat and show respect. Baladeva prabhu said, “I am jagad-guru, guru of the entire universe. Thousands of sages have offered their respectful obeisances to Me, but you did not even rise from your seat. You are not qualified to be a guru and speak Bhagavatam.”

With these words, Baladeva Prabhu killed Him, simply by touching him with a blade of kusa grass. The sages present cried out, “Alas, alas! O Baladeva Prabhu, You have made a great mistake. Although You are Lord of the entire world, it was wrong of You to kill Lomaharsana, who was glorifying the pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

“Should I bring him back to life?” Baladeva asked.

“No, no, find someone else who can narrate Bhagavatam to us,” the sages said.

Then, Baladeva Prabhu put His lotus hand on the head of Lomaharsana’s son, Suta Gosvami, the disciple of Srila Sukadeva Gosvami, and blessed him by saying, “May all the Vedas, Puranas, Upanisads, Srimad-Bhagavatam, and other scriptures manifest in your heart. Please sit on this asana and narrate all these scriptures to the sages.” Baladeva Prabhu is the original guru (adi-guru), who can give all knowledge. This pastime is described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, and there are many other histories as well.

When Krsna kidnapped Rukmini, He conquered all the armies of Rukmi, her brother. At that time Rukmi raised his arm and vowed to stop Krsna or never return to his kingdom. He made a violent attack on Krsna, but Krsna caught hold of him and bound him up. Krsna was ready to kill him, when Baladeva Prabhu arrived there and exclaimed, “What are You doing? Leave him.” Therefore, instead of killing Rukmi, Krsna cut off his hair, leaving a few hanging locks. He then cut loose the ropes that bound him and let him go. Baladeva Prabhu was worried that Rukmini would suffer if her brother was killed, and that is why He advised Krsna to free him. Thus, He solved that situation in the most excellent way.

Happiness and distress are not in our hands, whereas the nature of our activities does depend on us. Whatever happens in a devotee’s life is not his karma, but the Lord’s mercy. When suffering comes, an ordinary devotee becomes hopeless and laments, “Oh, what shall I do?” Undoubtedly, such a devotee tastes the fruits of his own past activities. However, an advanced devotee thinks, “This is the Supreme Lord’s mercy. My Lord has sent me this suffering to free me from pride, and to make me humble and tolerant.” A true devotee accepts suffering with a smile, whereas a materialist accepts it with tears. In Baladeva Prabhu’s pastimes, there are many teachings in this regard.

There is a pastime about a disagreement between Baladeva and Krsna, by hearing which one might ask, “This should not be so. Does Baladeva not know Krsna’s heart?” As explained earlier, Baladeva is not different from Krsna. Baladeva is Krsna’s second body. The only difference is that They carry different paraphernalia (Krsna carries the flute in Vraja, and Baladeva carries a horn/bugle made of leaves), and They have slightly different appearances.

Why, then, would They have any disagreement? This question cannot be answered without knowledge of naravata-lila, Their human-like pastimes. During Their human-like pastimes, something may happen which looks like a quarrel. They are two loving brothers, but it appears that they argue. Father and son, or son and mother, may have apparent disagreement in their loving exchanges.

Baladeva Prabhu wanted his sister Subhadra to marry Duryodhana. Krsna, Vasudeva, Rohini, Devaki and all other members of the Yadu family wanted her to marry Arjuna, but none dared express their wish out of fear of Baladeva. No one could bend Baladeva to accept her marriage with Arjuna. Neither Vasudeva, nor Devaki, nor Rohini could do so. They all feared to act against His desire.

Krsna wondered, “What should be done? Whatever happens, My sister must not marry that villain Duryodhana, who is the enemy of the Pandavas, the Yadus, and My enemy as well.” So He arranged a trick. He told Arjuna, “Listen, dress up as a sannyasi and come to Dvaraka. Perform your bhajana-sadhana there. My sister, Subhadra, will come to get your darsana, and then you can flee Dvaraka together with her.”

Arjuna agreed. When he saw Subhadra, he was enchanted by her beauty and felt a strong desire to marry her. In the meantime, Duryodhana was eagerly waiting for her arrival, just as Sisupala previously awaited Rukmini in his palace.

Duryodhana was a clever politician, and thought, “If I marry Subhadra, all the Yadus will be on my side and not on the side of the Pandavas.” But Arjuna disrupted his plans by coming to Dvaraka dressed as a sannyasi.  Arjuna did not talk to anyone, lived a very austere life, and ate and slept very little, as real sannyasis do.

Yasoda-maiya loves Krsna with all her heart, but when Putana came, Yasoda thought, “Oh, this lady is so full of affection. Why should she stand outside? I should let her in.” She could not discern that Putana’s loveliness was false. Similarly, Arjuna was able to bewilder all the residents of Dvaraka in his garb of a sannyasi. Even Baladeva prabhu came to him to offer obeisances, and Arjuna gave Him blessings. In the meanwhile Krsna instructed Subhadra, “This sannyasi has come to fulfill your innermost desire. Go and worship him.”

Subhadra dressed exquisitely, decorating herself with sixteen kinds of ornaments, and arrived in her chariot to see Arjuna. Arjuna was informed about her arrival and was ready for her. He seated her on his own chariot and then personally entered upon it, giving the reins controlling the horses into Subhadra’s hands. While she was driving the chariot, Arjuna stood with his bow and arrows in his hands, forbidding anyone to stop them.

“Arjuna stole My sister!” cried Baladeva when He heard the news. “Come, Yadus, we should take a big army with us and punish this offender.”

When they were about to set out for the chase, Krsna checked them by inquiring, “Where are You going?”

Baladeva told Krsna, “Do you not know? Arjuna has kidnapped Our sister!”

Krsna said, “Oh, brother, don’t You know that kidnapping is within our family tradition? Did I not kidnap Rukmini? Did Samba not kidnap Duryodhana’s daughter? So, what is the wrong if Arjuna does the same? You actually helped Samba in this undertaking. Don’t You remember that You led our armies against Duryodhana? What’s more, do You really see Arjuna kidnapping Subhadra? Subhadra is the one driving the chariot. O Baladevaji, You may kill Arjuna, but if You do so, Your sister will be very distressed.”

Baladeva replied, “Why didn’t You tell Me about all this before? If You are all in favor of her marriage with Arjuna, then I shall also agree.”

We see that there was a disagreement between Krsna and Baladeva, which was not really a disagreement but a semblance of it for the purpose of the successful execution of Their pastimes together.

Also, in the final days of the battle of Kuruksetra, Bhima had a club-fight with Duryodhana, and both had learned club-fighting from Baladeva prabhu. In the beginning of the duel Baladeva arrived there. Then, in front of Baladeva, Krsna gave a signal to Bhima, and Bhima gave a heavy blow with his club on Duryodhana’s thigh.  To beat someone below the waist is against the rules of club-fighting, but it was Krsna who had advised Bhima to do so.

In great anger, Baladeva raised his club, ready to kill Bhima, when Krsna remarked, “Today You are just in time, brother. But where were You when Duryodhana, Sakuni, and others murdered our dear nephew, Abhimanyu? When this wicked Duryodhana tried to burn the Pandavas alive in the shellac palace, where were You to save them? When he and his brothers tried to undress Draupadi in the Kaurava assembly, where were You to protect her? Where were You when Duryodhana did all this injustice to the Pandavas?

Baladeva then calmed his anger and left the scene in silence. He acted in accordance with Krsna’s desire.

Lord Baladeva’s pastimes are unlimited, His virtues are unlimited, and His love for Krsna is unlimited.

Gaura Premanande!

SATURN RETROGRADE IS HERE – Check what effect it will have upon you

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – Rohininandan das

Get ready to strum to the tune of tough love this year because Saturn retrograde 2020 officially began May 10 and lasts through Sept. 29, so we’ll have a lot of time to dig through our archives when it comes to our sense of duty, relationship to authority, and way of relating to our work. Those of you that are in a Saturn Maha Dasha or Saturn Sada Shati need to be very careful and take the necessary remedial measures now to avert his ill effect.  Let us assist you in this regards.

email : punditroshan@telkomsa.net       contact : 0716300834

Saturn in astrology is all about being responsible, working within restrictions, and teaching you lessons. “Being the ruling planet of time and karma, when Saturn retrogrades, karmic debts are sorted out by blending the past with the present and the future, Saturns retrograde periods are excellent for reviewing what we have learned within Saturn-ruled themes like boundaries, discipline, responsibilities, and authority.

Because it’s a longer transit, we’ll have more time to sort through our issues, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be without its challenges. “In 2020, retrograding Saturn will be forming two catalysing squares to intense Mars, and this is when we are most likely to feel the heavy weight of responsibility and reality checks, but the thing to remember here is that as a fair and wise teacher, Saturn retrograde will bring rewards our way — especially if real efforts were made during the time it was direct.

Check out how Saturn retrograde will affect you based on your zodiac sign.


Now is the time to figure out when and how to say no to things at work, Aries. Saturn’s presence in your career sector has been teaching you a lot about boundaries when it comes to networking. You may have to adjust these boundaries and even need to take a break from those who are not appreciative of you. Be discerning: You don’t have to accept every single career opportunity that gets flung in your direction as job losses or retrenchment can be experienced.


Saturn retrograde is transforming the way you see and relate to the world, Taurus, you have been assessing what you’ve learned in previous years in order to come up with an ideology on life that works for you. Now’s the last chance to fine-tune your findings. Focus only on the beliefs that continue to serve you, and feel free to cut cords with any that are past their sell-by date. Trim away any old beliefs and dump the philosophical baggage that isn’t helping you grow into the person you want to be. Abandon all negative thoughts that keep you grounded and seek new ways to better your life. Be guided by your horoscope readings.


With Saturn teaching you lessons about rebirth and transformation over the past couple years, you’ve probably felt inclined to go inward to figure out your personal boundaries, Gemini. Hopefully you have been taking advantage of this year’s introspective vibe because if you haven’t, Saturn retrograde will force you to do so. Take a close look at your horoscope to determine where Saturn feature presently. Digging in will help you find deeper sources of nourishment for your soul — it’s totally worth it! Don’t be afraid to explore beneath the surface of your desires.


Saturn has likely put you through the ringer when it comes to your interpersonal relationships lately, Cancer, and you’re probably feeling frustrated by all the love drama. The past year must have felt like a total burden, but the learnings have been priceless. You are at the end of this journey, and this is the last chance to reflect on the level of responsibility you bring to your most important relationships. It’s time to integrate the lessons you’ve been learning in love with faith that there’s a romantic light at the end of the tunnel.


Your day-to-day life probably looks entirely different than it did a few years ago, doesn’t it, Leo? That’s because Saturn has been nudging you toward revamping your long time habits — definitely not a fun lesson to learn, but a huge tool for your personal growth. For you, this retrograde is all about fine-tuning the new lifestyle you have built for yourself in order to inject more balance into your life. Up the self-care during this retrograde, and stick with your healthy new habits.


No one wants to feel restricted when it comes to the way they experience pleasure and fun, but Saturn has been forcing you to re-evaluate how you use your creative energy, Virgo. Have you lost any sense of fun and creativity lately? If your answer is yes, then this retrograde is an amazing opportunity to bring the joy back into your life by focusing on the simple pleasures life has to offer. Start building up your sense of pleasure with the small things now, then watch it blossom once Saturn moves forward again.


You’re entering a new phase when it comes to the responsibilities in your home life, Libra. Saturn has focused you on the theme of building a secure nest or taking care of your family. As Saturn retrogrades, use this time wisely to meditate on how you can best support your loved ones without forgetting about your own needs. While supporting your inner circle is good, you’re also learning you honour your own boundaries. Take things as they come.


You’ve spent the past years discovering new ways to express yourself, Scorpio, and now it’s time to start building your confidence in these skills. Your Saturn journey has been about learning how to communicate in many different forms. Whether your progress has been through writing, speaking, painting, or even filming, use this retrograde to pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. While you’ve still got lots to learn, this backspin can be a time to pause and celebrate your growth.


Your relationship to your finances, assets, and overall value has been defined and refined over the past couple years, and now’s an opportunity to start applying all you’ve learned to your real-life experience. Saturn has taught you very valuable lessons about money and your connection to your own sense of self-worth. Use this retrograde to review your new financial situation, as well as all the different ways you can earn some extra money.


As you enter Saturn retrograde, you do so as an entirely new person, Capricorn, as you’ve learned more hard lessons over the past years than you can count. Saturn comes back for one last dip in your sign before leaving for good at the end of the year. You have changed and matured so much over the past two years, but don’t lose your focus just yet — there is one last, very valuable lesson on the horizon, and the rewards will be sweet once 2021 arrives. Once it’s all over, you’ll realize that you wouldn’t change your growth for anything.


Your spiritual boundaries have been tested lately, Aquarius, and you may have found yourself questioning everything you believe and feel. Now’s the time to start trusting your intuition. Saturn has been working its magic, bringing important messages and psychic guidance your way. Listening and paying attention will set you up for success — especially as Saturn prepares to enter your sign at the end of 2020 for a two-and-a-half-year stay.


Your friendships have been in a state of flux lately, and you’ve been learning a lot about how stand up for yourself and work as part of a group. Get ready to put those new skills into practice now, Pisces. During this retrograde, revisit your personal connections and decide which ones are worth the work, and which are on their way out. Don’t keep spending energy on things and people that don’t vibe with your higher purpose.