HOROSCOPE – Tuesday 18 June

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

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You can be excited about a project or idea, but you might also face opposition for it today and tomorrow, dear Aries. If you’re feeling cooped up or unable to express yourself, try not to stir the pot, since it can be all too easy to show impatience. There can be harsh words or impulsive moves. It may be best to keep emotional excitement high by doing something you love, all the while being mindful that you don’t overdo it. The intensity of current aspects could bring nervous energy to your inner world or home life. There can be a sudden need to revisit a neglected area of your life, but tricky power dynamics can be at the root of tensions experienced now. People can be somewhat defensive of their ideas and opinions right now, and it may be best to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. However, when it comes to defending a loved one, it may be a different story altogether.


There can be a lot on your mind or your plate today, dear Taurus. It can be easy to feel excited about a connection or idea now. Interactions with others can be edgy and tense at times as the day advances, or things can seem fine until there’s a difference of opinion. You’re likely to discover that people are holding onto their beliefs quite tightly right now, and there is little that’s rational about it! If you look more closely, however, it’s likely more about power and control than the actual concept. Do your best to maintain a healthy level of detachment when expressing opinions or engaging in a debate with competitive, provocative, and controversial energy around you. However, this can also be a time for discovering hidden desires which can be used as fuel for better decisions or energetic projects and pursuits later.


Mercury and Mars forming an alignment today can inspire you but can also aggravate problems, dear Gemini. On the one hand, it can be a good day for exciting ideas about business, money, and practical matters. On the other, there can also be impatience, and skipping necessary steps can lead to problems. It may be best to channel this mental energy into an important project. As the day advances, both Mercury and Mars move towards a tense aspect with Pluto, and there is a strong tendency for people to be provocative or to get caught up in power games. You could find yourself defending your values, your worth, or even your spending now. Watch for a tendency to want to prove something, and it may be that you’re taking things a little too personally. However, this can also be a highly revealing time since jealousies or frustrations stimulated by the events of this week can get you into touch with feelings or desires you didn’t realize you had.


Energies today and tomorrow are complicating and distracting at times, dear Cancer, but ultimately quite revealing. Ideally, through current events, you’ll begin to see precisely what drives you or what you may need to adjust so that you can move forward lighter, freer, or more determined. You might discover that your thoughts, ideas, plans, or passions can meet with obstinacy or disapproval. You could feel blocked and vetoed. If others are playing mind games with you, back off and refuse to be part of it. Be kind to yourself and avoid pushing something too hard, but don’t let go of your passions or motivations in the process. You may need to make adjustments to your goals. It’s wise to avoid impulsive communications so that you can reclaim your personal power with Mercury and Mars joining in your sign, giving you a powerful voice and the courage to say your piece. You are filled with energy and vision today, so try not to waste it on arguing a point. Quick conclusions may lead to regrettable commentary or decisions.


You might want to gather all of your facts first before speaking on a matter today, dear Leo, as there is a tendency to speak too soon. People are also inclined to jump on others’ words or call them out. Tense thoughts or concerns are important to address today and tomorrow, but avoid letting them take you over to the point that your interactions with others are strained. Arguments entered into today can reach stalemates. If you need to discuss something close to your heart, you might wait for a more accepting atmosphere to do so. You might also discover that keeping a project or idea to yourself is useful just for now. Issues from the past can re-emerge, or news today can make your mind race. If something is pushing your buttons today and tomorrow, pay close attention since it may reveal a hidden or suppressed desire, but also aim to use restraint. Unless you’re channeling mental energy into something creative and positive, avoid letting your imagination run away from you. You may want to gather all the facts before jumping to communicate about a new observation. Watch also for an overactive curiosity, as you may think you’re ready for something when you’re not.


Today’s Mercury-Mars combination can present an opportunity to put a great idea into motion or to settle a long-standing problem, once and for all, dear Virgo. You’re motivated and inspired by new visions of your future, and you can be gathering exciting ideas through your connections to others. However, this aspect is challenged by Pluto today and tomorrow, and there can be impatience or tension interfering with your interactions, and perhaps even a rude awakening. Of course, this may end up working in your favor as it can help you get in touch with hidden desires, but some things may be better off left alone. You can have strong ideas and experience powerful motivation regarding a particular plan, but there can be some blocks or opposition to contend with first. The goal now should be purging. Be kind to yourself by NOT overthinking, or entertaining thoughts that are too negative or obsessive.


Old, buried hurts can jump up at you today, dear Libra, and if you are not careful, they can find expression in one way or another in your conversations. Secrets might be revealed, or previously hidden matters can come to light that might be uncomfortable at first, but in the long run, will push you towards the light. Of course, care should be taken if possible. Stalemates can occur, so avoid pushing matters. It may be better to observe, formulate a strategy, and then act later. Be forthright if you feel compelled to do so, but do it sensitively today, as your words tend to have more impact and can be remembered for some time, and be especially mindful when speaking in public or professional arenas. If you use the tense energies of today and tomorrow constructively, it can be an excellent time for pouring yourself into a project that gets you somewhere.


You can feel as if you’re on a mission to find out the truth of a matter today and tomorrow, dear Scorpio, but you should probably watch where you step, both literally and metaphorically. You’re mentally sharp, and this is excellent for intellectual and business-related endeavors, but your heart may not be ready for where your mind wants to go right now. It can be an excellent time to pursue anything that involves healing the mind or paying particular attention to the mind-body connection. However, there can be quite a bit of defensiveness and hurt feelings when ideas are not adopted right away, and it’s best not to get caught up in all of this. There are no winners in arguments that don’t have any growth potential. There can also be difficulty advancing your ideas or projects just for now. Frustrations this week may reveal hidden desires, and this can help motivate you in the future, so don’t be too quick to discard what you confront.


Mental energy runs high today, dear Sagittarius, with a Mercury-Mars alignment that can leave your mind reeling and pulse quickening. Ideas work you up, and you may feel a little fed up with a situation that’s been dragging on too long. Tap into the motivation to do things that you’ve been letting slide. However, consider that things can escalate quickly now, particularly as this planetary pair is heading toward a confrontation with Pluto. There is no benefit in pushing your ideas on someone, especially when it comes to values and issues of sharing. If something feels very unfair, then you need to talk about it, but your choice of words and tone will be especially important now, so keep it light since it’s the kind of day when people can take things entirely the wrong way. You might uncover a secret or pursue a line of research doggedly today, but avoid overdoing things for your own sake.


Others can push your buttons today, dear Capricorn, as Mercury and Mars align in your partnership sector. It’s a little too easy to get involved in an argument or standoff since the general tendency is to speak too quickly or harshly and to be a little insensitive or stubborn. You might be acting provocatively, pushing others’ buttons as well, perhaps to see what kind of effect or hold you have on them. This inclination gets stronger as the day advances, and both bodies head toward a confrontation with Pluto in your sign. It may be all too easy to take a different viewpoint as a personal affront. It can be a good idea to channel extra energy into productive activities. However, in some cases, disagreement or conflict may be just what a relationship needs right now, revealing important buried issues that could do with some addressing.


You could feel incensed and ready to take care of challenging problems today and tomorrow, dear Aquarius, with Mercury and Mars aligning in your work and health sector. Or, you may be excited about becoming more efficient, skilled, or organized. Even so, you could feel that others are in your way, blocking your path, or overbearing or controlling. It may be best to avoid taking on too much or working yourself up too much over small flaws and problems. Conversations can heat up quickly, but they can also pull up buried difficulties and issues that may need your attention. What emerges now can be revealing, perhaps showing you hidden desires. The pace can pick up surrounding work or daily routines now, and others may not be working quite as quickly as you are, or contributing as much. Ideally, this is an active day for tending to practical affairs with enthusiasm.


The urge to express yourself can be intense today, dear Pisces. The tendency is to make quick and sharp decisions, particularly concerning love relationships, entertainment, pleasure, dating, creativity, and children. Mental excitement may cross the line into irritation or aggravation, however, particularly as the day advances. Try to tap into your courage to make a move rather than give in to impulsive communications or steps. You might want to avoid situations where people are trying to one-up you or attempting to get the upper hand since there can be a lot of this today and tomorrow. Friendships can be a touchy area. There might be a rude awakening, but something that clears your mind as to where you stand, which allows you to make better plans.

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