HOROSCOPE – Wednesday 19 June

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

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People can be sensitive about their ideas or choices today, dear Aries, and career or family drama is possible. Organizing around the home may very well help you feel freer in your work, where you can use as much head-clearing as possible! There can be a struggle between personal and professional responsibilities, and working on finding a better balance will be particularly helpful now. Learning more about your more profound needs can help clarify your long-term and career goals. With the events and realizations of this week, you may recognize that you’re clinging too tightly to your ambitions, and relaxing them just a little may help bring you back to a better work-life balance.


Differences in opinions can be loaded today, dear Taurus, as they may represent something else. In fact, they may be more about feeling accepted and respected. Aspects today tend to trigger insecurities or fears about losing someone’s admiration, or they pull up fears of making changes. Holding onto an idea too tightly now will prevent you from going forward, growing, and moving on. If someone can’t seem to see what you’re seeing, avoid pushing the matter. However, if you need to get something out of your system, then a confrontation may force the issue. The best thing you can do for yourself today is to aim to let something go or to release it and get over a hump, as resentment can rob you of essential commodities–happiness and energy!


People may be misinterpreting your intentions and actions today, dear Gemini, but trying to prove something or pushing too hard for answers can lead to unnecessary and unproductive stress. Consider that others can be defensive, too, or they may feel the need to prove something to you. Arguments over ownership, money, core values, or boundaries can emerge. Money or support problems that may have been weighing you down could reach a turning point, but conflicts over money or possessions may disguise deeper issues. If you’ve been feeling undervalued, frustrations can come to a head now. Keep in mind that compromise would be ideal, but getting there involves giving a little, so be willing. There can be stirrings related to dependencies this week, and the events occurring now can bring problem areas to a head.


Again today, communications can be weighty, dear Cancer, and you may feel challenged regarding your plans or ideas with Mercury and Mars in your sign in opposition to Pluto. You could resent it if someone seems to be trying to direct you since you’d much rather be free to express yourself spontaneously. Conflicts emerging today can give you insight into the hidden forces at work in your life that may be undermining your progress and keeping you from moving on and forward. Buried frustrations may erupt or come to a head, and it can be a little tricky, but bringing something that seems dark into the light may very well be a surprising relief. Touchiness is likely, but if you’re willing to get through it and learn something in the process, it can be a highly revealing time.


Watch for obsessiveness in your thinking that leads to anxiety or guilt, dear Leo. Mercury and Mars are both transiting your privacy sector, and you may not always be aware of their energies if they’re working under the surface of things. Today, they both oppose Pluto, bringing buried matters out into the open, perhaps in disruptive ways. The little things tend to irritate most, especially if there are disrupted schedules to deal with or if others are interfering with your methods or process. With these transits, you need more rest and time to think outside of the routine, but you have strong ambitions related to work or health, and it can be challenging to unwind as a result. You could feel a lot of pressure to get things done, even if your heart isn’t in these tasks or you are not feeling up to par emotionally and physically. Avoid allowing fear or over-attachment hijack your day. Make plans to improve your routines and workload so that you have the chance to unplug and shut things off from time to time.


Words can be sharp and possibly harsh today, dear Virgo, but if you aim to learn from what emerges now, they can ultimately improve understanding. People or circumstances can challenge you to confront important and perhaps previously buried issues in your life. You could find that you’re dealing with pressures and tensions coming from others or problems arising from within in the form of thoughts bordering on the obsessive about matters that are sources of frustration or anger. You may even be flip-flopping between a strong desire to get to the truth of an issue and a fear of doing so! Consider whether you’re holding onto something so tightly that it can’t breathe, and remind yourself that this can only serve to keep you stagnant and stuck. The goal now should be to empower yourself.


It can seem that everyone wants their way, and few are conceding today, dear Libra, which leads to rather tense scenarios. Mercury and Mars are opposing Pluto, and there can be tricky issues with family and authority figures to deal with now. Don’t allow someone to try to control or manipulate you, but consider approaching the situation with care. Alternately, fears of being blindsided can seem to drive decisions. Buried frustrations that have been simmering just below the surface, especially related to family, home, security, and money, can now emerge in conversations or the choices you make. However, mindfulness can help you to make better decisions. Aim to unload rather than dig in your heels and resist learning and growing.


Minor differences of opinion can too easily become complicated today, dear Scorpio. You can be quick to defend something or express your views but might be frustrated by others’ responses, or you could feel provoked. However, it’s best to aim for self-control and rise above these things, all the while paying attention to what may be triggering frustrations. There can be fear of change at the root of disagreements or tensions now. You’re challenged to grow through your conversations or exposure to different or new ideas, opinions, and methods, or to reframe your thinking rather than hold onto an idea or belief for dear life. When it’s this easy for people to touch upon your sore spots, you’ll find it just as easy to learn about your vulnerabilities and deeper desires. There is confrontational energy with us that can lead to a significant release, but try to be mindful of what you say and how you say it.


There can be competing feelings in a relationship now, dear Sagittarius, and it can be challenging to make sense of what you and others want at the moment, although conflicts can be revealing. Strong feelings about core values, power dynamics, money, and issues of sharing or ownership can be voiced or reach a boiling point. There can be quite a bit of stirred-up tension surrounding borrowing and lending or relationships can feel some strain if there have been imbalances and resentment brewing over them. Embrace rather than resist change and opportunities to grow, and aim to rise above suspicious thoughts today. Releasing yourself from excessive attachments can figure strongly and can be rewarding, although challenging at the same time. The chances of seeing things more clearly run high.


Before you bring up certain sensitive topics today, dear Capricorn, consider whether the climate is right for doing so, since chances are matters require a delicate touch right now. Even so, issues that have been brewing can reach a head today, and their release may be what you need to move forward. Sometimes backing off is the best thing you can do, but it’s up to you since there are times when the release of frustrations can be cathartic. Avoid fixating on negative issues as difficult as this may be today, and do your best not to attempt to mastermind a situation. Ultimately, you’ll feel more empowered if you stay open, flexible, and focused on your own growth rather than worried about what others are saying and doing. The chances of getting to a better place with someone and more comfortable with yourself run high.


Tensions are possible today, dear Aquarius, although what emerges is revealing and can point you in the right direction for healing. Pluto aspects occurring now can trigger fears and tension can be quick to set in, especially guilty feelings about the past or about what you’re not doing. You could be dwelling on old hurts, and this doesn’t have to go too far. It’s when spiraling thoughts drive decision-making or lead to regrettable words that you lose out. Frustrations about schedules, duties, obligations, and lack of time to yourself can reach a head, or you may worry about the discovery of a secret. Learn from what seems to trigger you today and work on a plan to tackle it gradually rather than succumb to pressures to deal with things all at once. Be open to learning about your hidden desires if jealousies emerge now.


People might be holding on too tightly to their point of view today with Pluto in opposition to Mercury and Mars, dear Pisces, and power trips may be the reason behind this. This kind of stubbornness doesn’t lead to learning experiences or reasonable compromises, only unnecessary stress, so do your best to steer clear of it. Insecurities in relationships can seem to magnify or grow larger than life, or problems in a friendship can reach a head. Mixed signals are possible. You may feel it’s best to stay out of it, but if something needs releasing, this can be a time for turning a corner. Resentment robs you of energy, so do what you can to release and purge rather than hold onto negative feelings. Aim to learn about vulnerable areas that seem to be easily triggered today.

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