HOROSCOPE – Thursday 20 June

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh


With the Moon now in your solar eleventh house, dear Aries, pressures to perform tend to release as you seek out other activities to help round out your experiences. Neptune’s station can make it hard to concentrate today, however. If you avoid expecting immediate results and instead try to “go with the flow,” you can slowly but surely find your inspiration or reconnect with what inspires you. Until November 27th while Neptune is retrograde, you may get the opportunity to make peace with a disappointment and put it behind you. Today’s strong for creating intelligent strategies, despite a general lack of direction.


With the Moon at the top of your solar chart today, dear Taurus, you’re especially alert to your performance, reputation, or responsibilities. With Neptune in your friendship sector beginning its yearly retrograde cycle, however, the focus is also on your social life, and you are likely to see new layers to a relationship or a person in the five months ahead. While you may temporarily feel without a clear anchor in the social side of your life, you’re working towards a more balanced perspective on these matters which will evolve until November 27th. With the shift occurring tomorrow morning, it can be challenging to make precise judgments. If you feel faith is faltering a little today, mainly related to a friend, group, or long-term goal, you might consider it a nudge from the universe to reassess your goals and pay more attention to–or take better care of–your spiritual needs.


The Moon spends the day in your adventure sector, dear Gemini, and this can serve to pull your attention away from material concerns. It comes at a good time since Neptune is just about to turn retrograde for five-plus months, and panning out on a mental level can be useful. This yearly retrograde cycle has been occurring in your sector of career and reputation in recent years, and a feeling, revelation, or situation can prompt you to pull back from your goals to let things flow and gain a new perspective. It’s possible that there’s a lull in motivation or reason to question your life path, career, status, or reputation, but this encourages taking a second look at your dreams to discern whether they truly reflect you and where you are, ultimately strengthening your convictions. You’re likely to make refinements that reinforce your resolve or faith in your dreams. Today and tomorrow, it’s best to observe rather than make big moves. Even so, it’s a good time for getting to an agreement with someone special.


The Moon transits your intimacy and sharing sector all day, dear Cancer, drawing your attention to the hidden elements of life–and yourself. You are more interested in motivations and intentions than you are of surface matters. It’s best to treat today and tomorrow with gentleness and sensitivity with Neptune’s station occurring now. You need some extra inspiration, and it will be your mission to find it. Neptune begins its retrograde cycle today, and although there can be some confusion during the shift itself, you’ll be realigning with beliefs and pursuits that reflect your current growth during this cycle that lasts until November 27th. A disappointment is possible right now, or a matter seems more complicated than it is, but it can lead to a better position overall if you use it as a learning experience. It may be best to observe instead of jumping into action today.


With the Moon spending the day in your solar seventh house, dear Leo, it’s a time for focusing less on the technical side of life and more on the social aspects. Neptune is reaching a station as it turns retrograde until November 27th, and this shift can have a somewhat confusing effect on your understanding of a relationship, support, or financial matters this week. However, the cycle itself is highly useful for gaining a perspective on these matters. You may be exploring dreams, motivations, and spiritual needs as you look at these matters from a slightly more detached position. If there is a letdown or lull experienced this week, know that it’s temporary and can help redirect you along a more appropriate and empowering path. Today is favorable for expressing yourself creatively and finding new ways to convey your inner message.


It’s important not to overbook yourself today, dear Virgo, even with the Moon’s transit of your work and health sector seeming to egg you on. While you’re geared up to solve problems, there can be some level of mystery or even some confusion to the day with Neptune about to turn retrograde for over five months. Lasting until November 27th, this yearly retrograde cycle is excellent for getting a better understanding of your dreams and ideals. You may be seeing someone or your own relationship needs from a slightly different perspective, and it’s important to let things flow a little more naturally now to most effectively tap into this energy. If you experience a temporary lull or loss of faith in a dream this week, it can lead to valuable insights as you get in touch with what it is you honestly want from a person or a relationship. Give people space, and give yourself time before coming to important conclusions, since boundaries can be a big issue right now.


The Moon spends the day in your creative solar fifth house, dear Libra, and pressures feel less pressing! Even so, Neptune turns retrograde now as it begins its five-plus month retrograde cycle, and there can be some temporary lack of direction or reason to pull yourself back from a dream or plan to get some perspective. This might come in the form of a minor letdown related to work, service, or health areas, but can end up redirecting you on a more authentic path. If your daily life has been chaotic, you’ll feel some of the consequences this week, and this can prompt you to reconsider some of your recent pursuits or plans. Keep in mind that problem areas may feel bigger than life temporarily as they draw your attention to what’s missing. The retrograde cycle itself, lasting until November 27th, is useful for gathering intel.


With the Moon now in your solar fourth house, dear Scorpio, you’re inclined to want to settle down or settle in, both mentally and physically. This brief but vital transit prompts you to look within or to loved ones for comfort. Neptune is turning retrograde and will spend the coming five-plus months in retrograde motion, pointing to a natural need to step back a little from creative or romantic pursuits to gain perspective. As you let things flow along, you’ll get a stronger idea of which of your dreams and pursuits are genuinely worth your time and energy. If you’re experiencing a dip in motivation or if you’re frustrated with uncertainty as the shift occurs, take things easy, be gentle with yourself and others, and trust that ultimately you’ll feel stronger. This is a time for making observations and adjustments rather than jumping into action.


The Moon spends the day in your sector of communications and connections today, dear Sagittarius, and you’re in an upbeat and curious frame of mind. Mind you, there can be some feelings of being scattered or undirected now, but overall, this is a good time for putting your feelers out, learning something new, and exploring your options. Neptune is stationing as it turns retrograde, and the shift itself can be a little disorienting. However, the retrograde cycle, lasting until November 27th, is excellent for gaining perspective. In the coming months, you’ll be able to see which of your goals and plans, mainly related to family and home life, are doable, need refinements, or are better off left behind you. Pulling back from some projects or dreams can be strategic. Give yourself extra time to think, imagine, and reflect, and going forward, aim to pay more attention to your spiritual or imaginative side.


The Moon spends the day in your solar second house, dear Capricorn, and life tends to slow its pace, or you expect less from it! Today is useful for taking a load off with Neptune at a standstill as it is about to turn retrograde until November 27th. Stopping to find the beauty and magic in your everyday life can be important now. There can be some temporary dip in motivation levels that prompts you to relook at a project or pursuit with new eyes. These minor letdowns can relate to studies, a personal interest, a transportation or communications matter, or a relative with Neptune in your solar third house. In the months ahead, though, you’ll get in touch with the fantasies and dreams that serve you well and let the ones that no longer serve your purpose fall by the wayside. While precision is not at its peak, there can be useful and heartwarming conversations today.


The Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Aquarius, and your emotions need channels for expression today. You’re more inclined to seek some acknowledgment or reinforcement. Neptune is stationing and turning retrograde, making it wise to find ways to unwind and let go of tension. During Neptune’s retrograde cycle until November 27th, there can be some rethinking, introspection, and perhaps some indecision about business or money matters. It’s a great period for exploring your dreams and ideals and examining whether you’re connecting with them as you pursue your worldly affairs. The station today, however, can be a little disorienting until you become accustomed to the shift in energy. Keep in mind that things are not as they seem, especially practical affairs and finances, as they can be skewed by wishful thinking or a temporary loss of faith and motivation. Events occurring now can serve as a reminder to get into better touch with what may be missing from your life, particularly on spiritual levels.


This can be a time to step out of circulation for a bit, dear Pisces, with your planetary ruler turning retrograde and the Moon spending time in your privacy sector. It makes sense to meditate on your next moves or simply take some time to decompress. There can be some confusion surrounding facts and figures or increased sensitivity as Neptune turns retrograde tomorrow, but the retrograde cycle itself, lasting until November 27th, is favorable for detaching yourself just enough from your ideals and dreams that you get to a more realistic place about them. While you may lose some wind in your sails this week, this can ultimately bring about more balance in your life. Today, you may be noticing what you’re missing on a soul level, which can prompt some important thoughts and awaken you to the need to make some adjustments.

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