HOROSCOPE – Saturday 22 June

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh


You’re likely to enjoy increased personal magnetism, dear Aries. You are more able to put plans into motion or to pursue your desires right now. Talking things through is helpful, and you’ll find others quite supportive. Allowing and exercising more freedom in your relationships is essential now, especially with a couple of days ahead that point to up and down feelings. Avoid giving in to impulses and sudden desires, but do treat yourself to some form of light indulgence or extravagance, preferably something that you won’t later regret. Working from or on the home can be successful now, and for some of you, this is a time for doing a great balancing act between your personal and private lives or creatively combining them. Your appeal is especially high through your pleasing communications and gestures. Your mood is sociable, but by late morning, you’re ready for some downtime.


This is a time for focusing on the more positive elements of your life, dear Taurus, and there are many. Practical matters can thrive today. There can be good news, or sound support, on the level of health and wellness. Avoid overly impulsive moves right now, but do treat yourself to a small indulgence. People are drawn to you today as you have a little extra oomph. It’s a potentially excellent day for creative thinking, particularly related to finances. You’re putting new spins on old ideas, and you might find something valuable to you that you’d lost. Do your best to enjoy the moment. The Moon moves into your solar eleventh house, where it will stay until late Monday, and this transit takes away the emphasis from performance and stimulates your interest in socializing.


Venus in your sign forms a parallel with Mars, dear Gemini, boosting your appeal and charm. It’s a good time for personal attraction and also a positive influence for gifts or windfalls in some cases. Take advantage of situations that allow you to express your inner child. It’s a good time for friendly competition and for finding support and nurturing in unexpected places. Open the windows and let the fresh air flow in! Overall, the day is strong for connecting and bonding with others. Taming restlessness can go a long way towards fulfillment today and tomorrow, as there can be fantastic opportunities to enjoy yourself although some tendency to overdo things. The Moon enters your career and goals sector today, however, where it will stay through to late Monday, and this can stimulate your ambitions.


There is good energy with you today for personal and family matters, dear Cancer. Perhaps new freedoms are afforded you now, and it feels great. The day’s energies may seem to favor emotions and pleasures over practical activities, and it would be wise to allow more time for yourself to get things done if you’re on call. This is a bright day for personal magnetism, although you can also be a little retiring and not very easy to get close to just for now. As well, you tend to weigh the pros and cons rather than jump into action with love and affections for the time being. A strong attraction is possible, and it may be about a renewal of old feelings for someone. The Moon’s move into your spirit sector stimulates your desire for a little more from your life.


The Moon moves into your solar eighth house today, dear Leo, where it will stay until late Monday, and this can bring on a slightly more reflective disposition or a tendency to some introspection for a couple of days. Non-material related matters tend to thrive most today. Aim to enjoy the pleasing, freeing energy available to you now. Helping others can be one such way, as you can feel especially good about responding to others’ needs and wants and doing what you can to support them. There can be new interests or a reawakening of interests experienced now. Friends or ventures that excite you can be in focus. Do watch for desires that seem to come on too quickly, as they may only be masks for what you truly want.


You’re inclined to want to let go of problems that don’t seem to have an immediate resolution today, dear Virgo. You seem to need a break! There can be an indulgent, passive quality to the day, and you can be quite amenable, in the mood to spoil someone you care about. There can be some exciting and creative energy stimulated with a love interest for some of you. The Moon enters your partnership zone today where it will stay until late Monday, bringing out your need to be with others, but most of all, with a significant someone. One-on-one seems the most appealing and beneficial during this cycle.


Especially fine energy is with you on a personal level, dear Libra, but material affairs can also benefit. Letting go of tension and frustration can help you enjoy yourself, and creative efforts can be rewarding. With your ruler, Venus, parallel Mars, your magnetism is strong, particularly when you’re moving outside of your routines and embracing new ideas and possibilities. Teaching, authoring, and communications, in general, can be exceptionally favorable or satisfying. There can be some opportunities for pleasure and enjoyment emerging now, and you’ll have better luck with them if you aim to let go of the tendency to overthink. The Moon enters your work and service sector, however, which can stimulate an emotional need to contribute and produce. Work and health can be in stronger focus for a couple of days.


The day is intense for going after what you desire with increased charm and warmth, dear Scorpio, and you’re a little freer with the expression of your feelings. Your sense of humor is in the spotlight and appealing. You are moving out of a domestic or withdrawn frame of mind, and you could be itching to do something creative or share your ideas and affections with others. This can also be a time when you successfully express an opinion that you previously felt was beyond words. It can feel marvelous to be understood by someone special now. Today’s energies do seem to encourage us to go a little overboard, and this can reach a peak tomorrow, but all in all, it’s a good time for connecting with your needs and wants.


Relations can be spontaneous, freeing, and positive with friends or a partner today, dear Sagittarius. Interchanges are lively. This is a day for getting closer to your heart. Desires can feel pressing but you’re not interested in pushing too hard to achieve them if it would set you back, and you are giving off good vibes. You’re in great shape to enjoy the creative opportunities coming your way now, although it’s important to avoid going overboard with your ruler, Jupiter, angling towards an opposition to Venus. Despite all of this, the Moon moves into your home and family sector for a couple of days, and this brings out the desire to surround yourself with familiar people and to stick with what you know just for the time being. Attention to personal matters is most appropriate now.


The day has some very bright spots, dear Capricorn, although it’s wise to watch for immoderate actions today and tomorrow. There can be an excellent sense of freedom or support and nurturing experience in work environments. New insights or simply a new or fresh attitude can make life easier when it comes to your routines and obligations. Relationships energize you today, and you can be feeling particularly motivated to get what you want or to pursue your desires. With Venus and Mars coming together in a parallel aspect, you’re in a good position for personal energy, dynamism, and appeal. The Moon moves into your communications zone where it will stay until late Monday, stimulating your curiosity and desire for movement, learning, and connecting.


The Moon moves out of your sign and into your solar second house today, dear Aquarius, prompting you to want to stabilize a project or specific structures in your life. You have a stronger need to take care of what you have and own. There can be good feelings of support and freedom experienced on creative levels. Your audience can be opening up, and your experiences are broader these days. Interesting people and ideas seem to be all around you. It’s a strong time to network, as people are enjoying your perspective and supporting your ideas. You may have the chance to bring increased creativity to problem-solving or to your work today, or you may be filled with a need to create, connect, and share.


There can be a freeing feeling associated with the release of private or personal problems and more freedoms with family today, dear Pisces. Today is active for social and romantic matters, too, although there can be some changes of plans or a scattered feel to the day to manage. Activities with friends and lovers can be invigorating, and perhaps some crossover feelings are stimulated now. The Moon moves into your sign, where it will spend time for a couple of days, and it’s a time for more emotional clarity as well as urgency, as emotional needs can feel pressing. This transit can point to a sense of personal refreshment and revival as you begin your lunar month.

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