HOROSCOPE – Thursday 27 June

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh


You’re likely to arrive at wonderful insights today, dear Aries, if you let your mind go or take part in activities that encourage imaginative thinking. Your imagination takes you to inventive places now, and you can thoroughly enjoy yourself thinking up new plans or procedures, especially those that make life easier and more progressive, in and around the home and with your business. Drawing up new plans or using different and inspired methods to approach your business, family life, money, or regular routines can be successful and a whole lot of fun today. You may wrestle with insecurities or wonder whether to go your own way versus maintaining the status quo, however. Try not to take on too many problems that are not your own if you find people around you are a little cranky. You’ll quickly recognize the need for a mission today, even if it’s a modest one.


You can find inspiration today, dear Taurus, with something or someone stirring your higher ideals and awakening your dreams. It’s better to watch for any off the cuff remarks, however, as you might inadvertently say something you later regret. Even so, the day can be excellent for interactions with a sibling or acquaintance, news that helps you, and generally a feeling of moving forward, if not a breakthrough of sorts. Uranus in your sign harmonizes with the Sun in your communications sector, and you can delight in some inspiring ideas and a sense of progress. Gaining surprise freedoms or discovering new ways of doing things can figure strongly now. You may be dealing with a bit of guilt about things you’re not accomplishing, but you can also learn much from your insecurities. The Moon enters your sign today, reinforcing both your sensitivity and courage.


If you can set your own pace today, dear Gemini, you may arrive at fantastic new ideas or methods with the Sun and Uranus harmonizing in the background of your solar chart. You can benefit from exploration and non-routine activities today, and there may be a breakthrough of sorts that inspires you. Old problems or the past can figure strongly, and a bit of serendipity may be prominent. There is a sense that you’re moving forward and there is good energy with you for taking you in that direction. A Sun-Chiron square can stimulate insecurities related to a friend, group, or finances today, however. Watch that you don’t go along with others’ plans to keep the peace if your inner voice is telling you something else. Keep an open mind and aim to learn about yourself if something touches a nerve.


With the Sun currently transiting your sign, dear Cancer, you’re more noticeable, and you can feel more in charge of your destiny, or at the least, your actions! Today, the Sun in your sign forms a harmonious aspect to Uranus and a challenging aspect to Chiron, producing some ups and downs. If someone or something hits a nerve, then you know that a part of you feels that there’s room for improvement. Instead of concentrating on what others think, however, consider ways to improve yourself for you, not for anyone else. You have a little more courage to express yourself or to break free from stereotypes and routines today, and this feels good. You could find yourself on the same page as a friend, or feel strongly about a group endeavor and teamwork now. Today is active for positivity and hopefulness as well as enjoying friends or networks and different, unusual ideas.


You might enjoy a surprise memory or show of support today, dear Leo, or sudden inspiration and intuition that boosts your career, reputation, or long-term goals. There can be breakthrough actions occurring now. Today is good for feeling positive and for opening up your mind to new approaches that can be truly valuable. There can be workarounds to problems that save you time or lead to other developments. Spirituality may awaken within you, changing your perspective on life, and could be triggered by something that you hear or witness. You need to put ego issues aside since it seems something larger or more important needs consideration. A Sun-Chiron square can point to small disappointments or unresolved problems from the past emerging for your attention. Try not to take others’ views too personally and resolve to learn from anything that seems to trigger feelings of vulnerability now.


You’re in touch with your unique qualities and talents more than usual today, dear Virgo, which stimulates your inner inventor. You have more emotional fuel for enjoying and pursuing your interests than usual now, and you’re likely to thoroughly enjoy trying new things, branching out, improvising, and experimenting. You are especially attracted to unique, different, or out-of-the-ordinary activities, ideas, and people. If called upon for advice, you make an excellent guide, with progressive ideas and an exceptionally balanced, humanitarian perspective. This is not the best day for the following of routines. Changes are necessary to free yourself from restrictive situations or people. Today can be liberating in many spots, as well as useful for connecting with others, although there can be some confusion about feelings in a relationship or financial concerns. In some cases, boundaries may be crossed, and it could be challenging to know how, when, and if to make them explicit.


There can be some fantastic moments of inspiration and a sense of advancement today, dear Libra. A nice change in your usual routine can pull up the need to improvise, which can be fun or lead to interesting detours. Today’s Sun-Uranus harmonious aspect can point the way to channels for expressing yourself. Innovative methods for doing business or advancing your goals can pop up now. You seem to have the support of higher-ups, or there can be a boost to your reputation. As the day advances, you could be dealing with some insecurities related to your performance, meeting responsibilities, or your close relationships. Avoid trying too hard to please people, and aim to serve yourself by meeting others halfway, as this protects you from growing resentments. It can be a fine time for identifying weaknesses or vulnerabilities that need attention.


Buckling down in one area can release you in another today, dear Scorpio. Workarounds or life hacks can be inventive now with the Sun and Uranus harmonizing. You might see an opportunity you missed in the past, especially related to a relationship. You need to free your mind to enjoy this energy, so slight deviations to plans may result in interesting detours. Today’s transits are favorable for personal appeal and friendships, as well as new things to learn or engage your mind. Your willingness to do things on the spur of the moment can be key. You’re also more inclined to see opportunities you’ve overlooked in the past. As the day advances, it may be all too easy for others to touch upon your sore spots, although the result may be that you understand yourself better or take necessary actions to firm up a vulnerable area of your life.


Some minor discomfort may be necessary for you to get over a hump now, dear Sagittarius. The Sun in your intimacy sector harmonizes with Uranus and clashes with Chiron, and you can turn pressure into a positive by resolving to fix the problems that seem more evident now. You might discover a new method or idea for making life a little easier. Focus on the positive, as you may very well uncover a brand new interest, product, or activity that excites you. You’re encouraged to think outside of the box and learn new things, and you may feel a strong desire to express yourself in new and different ways. There is enthusiasm and a better ability to access your creativity. Dig deep, research, and keep an open mind, even if feelings and emotional attachments are complicated. Watch for going for something that seems to make others happy if your gut is telling you something else.


You can experience some ups and downs in your relationships now, dear Capricorn, but you’re gaining more than losing. Getting over a soft spot helps you appreciate the freeing energy of a Sun-Uranus harmonious aspect. Personal attraction is strong as these planets fall in your romantic and partnership sectors. There is a spirit of freedom and acceptance in love and friendship now, and a sense that you can be yourself rounds out your mood. Your inhibitions tend to drop, and it’s easier to express yourself creatively and spontaneously. There is more originality in your work. Aim to work things through if an issue arises with someone. Problems in the home or with family are best sorted out openly and honestly. It may be best to aim to dentify your limits concerning when you feel put upon before someone exceeds them.


The Sun in your solar sixth house these days can encourage your need for routine, better health, and more order in your life, dear Aquarius. Its connection today to your inventive ruler, Uranus, helps you find new ideas, technology, methods, and approaches related to your work and health routines. This can be a time for a sweet release from recent stresses or concerns through your domestic or work activities or through a better approach to healing yourself or your wellness. Favored most now are activities that support growth and play to your sense of invention and progress. You want to renovate, update, or innovate in some small way, and it’s a good time to breathe new life into old projects or routines, or reorganize in unique, helpful ways. Your appeal is terrific today, and you may very well find yourself in easy agreement with a special someone. Do watch, however, for appeasing someone only to keep the peace today, as it may not work out for the best.


A Sun-Uranus sextile influences the day, dear Pisces, helping open you up and improving flexibility. This transit tends to allow us to detach from a situation just enough to get perspective. There can be fun developments or progress related to creative play and expression. Siblings, acquaintances, and love interests can be supportive or appreciative, perhaps bringing pleasant surprises into your life. Your unique perception, advice, or viewpoint can be on display. Others notice you and reinforce you, and possibly encourage you to open up. Adopting a progressive, inventive approach seems to gain the most rewards today. The tempo of your life accelerates a little, or at least enough for you to dismiss some of your recent problems and frustrations, but if someone touches upon a soft spot, it’s a good time to explore why.

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