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Registered with the American Institute of Vedic Studies – Dr David Flawley

Pundit Roshan Singh is a pioneer in the Science of Ayurveda in South Africa. He has brought down five Ayurvedic Doctors from India to spread the teachings of Ayurveda and treat people from the common cold to cancer. This was done by him at his own expense as Punditji is interested in bringing about healing with ancient therapies and herbal remedies. Drug based medication is not curing but causing more complicated problems for everyone. Ayurveda deals with the cause and not the symptoms.

Are you genuinely interested in your health. If so let us jointly make use of Ayurveda and get rid of your pain and suffering now.

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The saying goes in Indian literature and declared boldly by the pioneers and saints to whom this great science was revealed that “everyone is blessed with the power of healing – some use it, some do not use it and some abuse it.”   Ayurveda has been revealed by the Lord Himself to holy and learned saints and sadhu’s millions of years ago.  This goes to show that every form of healing in Ayurveda has to be carried out by the practitioner in a deep sense of surrender to Bhagavan Sri Dhanvantari and beg for His Divine intervention to heal the patient. 


South Africa is indeed blessed as the renowned Pundit Roshan Singh has been endowed with the knowledge of the Vedas and his healing is carried out with the chanting of holy mantra’s specific to the bodily condition.  In this way he is able to obtain greater results as the healing is done by the Lord Himself through the blessed hands of our Pujye Punditji.  It is for this reason that he and his centres all over the country are producing such good results.

Ayurvedic Destress Therapy (Shirodhara)

R550 Discounted price. R400

Warm medicated specially prepared oils are poured continuously on the patient’s forehead. This brings great relief to the entire body and heals deep seated problems like insomnia, headaches, stress etc.  The treatment includes a back, feet and head massage.   It is recommended that just as one ensures that one’s motor car is services on time one should in a similar vein take care of one’s body which will enable and empower you to lead a better and happier life.  Do not wait to get sick as it will be very difficult to take away the problem.  If you care for your body, the body will take care of all your needs and produce much more.

Ayurvedic Revitalisation Program

This is a three day program

R1200  Discounted price R1000

One is able to solve complicated bodily ailments and live a better, balanced and healthier life now and hereafter.  It rejuvenates the one’s body, enlivens the mind and brings about a spiritually balanced individual.  In fact one can say that we are able to dial back the years of our life.  

Ayurvedic Pain relief program

R550  Discounted price R350

This is one of our most popular and most useful of all programs.  It entails a head, shoulder, hands and feet massage with warm medicated specially prepared oils.

Fully body massage and detox program.

R550  Discounted price (R450)

Sinus Treatment

R2500  Discounted price R1500

This is a 3 day program that encompasses a procedure wherein medicated oil is used in the nasal passage.  It includes a head and shoulder massage. It is amazing to think that with this scientific method you will be able to get rid of your headaches, blocked sinuses and bring relief to your entire being as you will be able to concentrate better and become free from pain and unnecessary ailments.

Body Detox

R1750  Discounted price R1500

The body especially the stomach accumulates mal which is toxic waste that remains around its lining resulting in improper digestion which results in various complications because the urine and stool is not properly separated. The blood produced becomes contaminated and this in turn is pumped into the entire body.  The detox program is deep cleansing and brings about a constitution that is good, clean and balanced.  Try it and you will want to repeat this at least twice a year.

Chakra Balancing

R550  Discounted price R350

Through the process of a guided meditation one will be aided to balance the seven chakra’s or energy points that make the body functional.  An imbalance in any of the chakra’s may cause financial stress, health problems, stain and anxiety to your mind.  A balanced chakra system will bring great relief to your entire being.   This has proven to be very effective for students as it increases the power of the mind and enables the individual to study and remember with greater ease.  The daily life is filled with stress and anxiety.  Chakra Balancing is very effective for the Housewife and a business man.


Money lost nothing lost – Health lost everything lost.

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Pundit Roshan Singh

Pundit Roshan Singh is a renowned and highly respected Priest. He is an ordained Pundit who has studied under various spiritual masters and teachers of India and has been initiated by His Holiness Krishna Das Swami Maharaj. He personally met and was inspired by His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, the founder acharya of ISKCON. He has had personal association and was inspired by His Holiness Swami Sahajanandaji Maharaj of the Divine Life Society and His Holiness Swami Shivpadananda the spiritual head of the Rama Krishna centre. He has an uncanny depth of knowledge of most of the scriptures of many religions of the world especially the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Vedic Scriptures. His discourses on National TV, Radio and articles in the media have always been well received by the community. He is a qualified Jyotish Astrologer and a well experienced Health Care Practitioner. It is his upright and flawless character that has endeared him to both young and the old alike. Every persons leaves him well satisfied with the love, care and support that he has to offer them in aiding them to lead a better way of life.

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