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There is a real opportunity to find creative, original, and new ways of enjoying home life or family now, dear Aries. There can be a feeling that you’re breaking from elements of your past that have been binding, and even if it’s only in some little way, it can be satisfying. This may be about decluttering or updating. A change of pace can turn things around in a very positive way. As well today, mental energy is stirring up. Your mind may race, and competitive feelings can drive you, although this can feel a little too pressured. You may be tense or driven — or both! You want to cut right to the chase, and you could be particularly focused on resolving a problem from the past that’s now bugging you or otherwise blocking your path forward. There can be much thinking or conversing about particular issues that have been blocking your progress, especially related to creative projects, children, or romance. It’s best to watch for false starts and hasty moves since Mercury is retrograde until the 31st.


Today’s Venus-Uranus sextile encourages fun self-expression and experimentation, dear Taurus, but there is also a rather mentally charged or tense thread running through the day as retrograde Mercury meets with Mars. You are expressing yourself in open, refreshing, and honest (and perhaps surprising) ways. Updates and upgrades to your tech or even to your image and appearance can be working well for you now. A new way of getting around or connecting can open up. A small change in your look or surroundings can be very favorable now, lifting your spirits in big ways. However, avoid overloading your schedule today. You might also want to avoid bringing up tricky topics, as any debates started today can quickly escalate. You might return to an old project or problem today, or your personal or home life can be very busy or even hectic, as something is up in the air and you have little patience until it’s resolved. Or, your brain can feel overloaded.


You can be quite attracted to new things and situations today, dear Gemini, and practical solutions arrived at now are inventive, or can involve seeking out hidden or previously unknown sources. Your intuition is sharp for what you need to let go so that you can make room for the good stuff, and this can be on a material or psychological level. With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde and aligning with Mars today, you can quickly get all wound up over a problem that’s re-emerging and perhaps frustrating you, however. You may speak or act a little too fast now. It’s better to avoid this with Mercury newly retrograde and near its station. Mental energy runs high today, and you should probably keep in mind that people, including you, may not be saying what’s in their hearts. As such, it’s better to keep some emotional distance if engaging in debates and try not to take things, especially done or spoken in impatience, too seriously. There can be many distractions, but this can be an excellent day for reviving an old mental interest or idea.


There can be some positive attention coming your way today, dear Cancer, and it can be a breath of fresh air. You do particularly well in social situations, mingling, and networking right now. Even if a financial or business matter hangs heavily on your mind, interactions with friends can be enjoyable diversions. Your unique qualities are subtly enhanced or more noticeable. Mental energy runs high today, and you can be feeling especially driven to put an idea into action or solve a problem, and this can be related to business or finances, or about a tricky situation in a relationship. An old problem resurfaces, and it can feel pressing and seem to demand action. Watch, however, for impulsive moves and communications. Ideally, you’ll avoid hasty decision-making now. This is a good time to revisit old ideas and update them, and the review of past purchases or budgets can be useful. However, this isn’t the time to go “all in” since Mercury is retrograde and is aggravated by Mars right now, putting the pressure on, which can lead to mistakes.


Beauty may be found in hidden places now, dear Leo, and although you’ve been keeping more of your feelings or your affections to yourself than usual, you’re willing to share some of yourself with those who will listen today. You might thoroughly enjoy private moments and thoughts, and there can be an open and spirited mood even if you’re not sharing all. You’re especially appreciative of the private or hidden elements in every situation you encounter today. There could be an opportunity to understand someone, or your love, on a spiritual level. Even so, Mercury and Mars come together in your sign, and with Mercury newly retrograde, mental energy is abundant but perhaps stifled or misdirected just for now. You may want to watch for offhand or unintentionally insensitive remarks as well as impulsive actions, as your mind is working a lot faster than your heart, and perhaps at a quicker pace than others around you. There can be some backtracking or frustration that serves as a push to clear the decks for new beginnings. Although this is a positive move, there can be mental tension that could work against you if you succumb to impatience.


A Venus-Uranus influence active today is good for loosening up, enjoying yourself, and trying new things, dear Virgo, while a Mercury-Mars alignment can serve to rile you up in other areas of life. Interesting people and ideas can figure strongly. People you meet can learn a lot from you, and you from them. Conversations tend to spark sudden awareness and eureka moments. You’re likely to find great pleasure in learning, sharing, and connecting. It’s a time for feeling freer and happier as your knowledge of the world around you grows. Even so, there can be tension about dealing with an old problem. Your mind may race. Mercury and Mars join forces in your sector of karma, and you can be anxious to deal with a matter that’s been dragging you down or blocking your path to new beginnings. As Mercury is newly retrograde, try not to make hasty moves, both physically and mentally. There is likely more to this story, and it may be best to let it unfold at a reasonable pace.


Someone might support, sponsor, or otherwise endorse you today, dear Libra, as Venus connects well with Uranus in your sector of support and others’ resources. This is a time for flirting with new ideas, concepts, and activities. Freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs of what you can or cannot do is what Uranus in this sector of your chart is about, and right now, this process helps you present the best version of yourself to others. Also today, a Mercury-Mars alignment can bring back an old problem to your attention. With Mercury newly retrograde, it’s best to watch for a tendency to misconstrue situations or to put a lot of energy into something that you change your mind about later. It’s easy to get carried away with this transit, and it can be challenging to calm down at times now. You need time to scope things out, and you should take it.


Openness to new ways of interacting and relating is a key to appeal today, dear Scorpio. Unexpected pleasures, good news, or stimulating ideas can be part of the picture now. There can be a refreshing change of pace and an uplifting of spirits. Sharing ideas, philosophies, and beliefs can be mind-expanding and pleasant, and so can doing something offbeat or outside of the usual routine. However, you don’t have to go anywhere to try on a new approach to relating, which can be freeing and just what you need to enliven your connections. Also today, however, is a rather tense alignment, and there can be a feeling you need to rush something to the finish line, but there is still much more to the story! It’s a good idea to watch for impulsive communications and moves. An old problem that was put aside can now re-emerge, or you could feel driven to sort out a complicated issue. You’re communicating and coming across with more strength than usual, so make it work in your favor rather than against you!


There can be a pleasant relationship or work-related surprise that throws you off guard in a most delightful way today, dear Sagittarius. Loosening up your schedule helps you relax and have fun. There may be a right turn on a financial or business level. Even so, a Mercury-Mars alignment occurs now that has a way of resurrecting problems from the past with Mercury newly retrograde, and there is a tendency to make sudden moves or to speak too soon about a matter. You can very quickly get yourself into a heated debate that gets personal. Keep in mind that we may be speaking without thinking (or feeling). Try not to live so much in the brain that your sensitivity to emotions dulls today, as there is a real tendency to do so, but tap into the excitement of this transit to break through problems so that it’s clear to move on.


Relationships seem to be the key to personal enjoyment now, dear Capricorn, and a particular connection that needs boosting or a breath of new life may improve or reach a new level. Old ways of relating don’t serve a useful purpose anymore, and today you see that it’s best to leave those habits behind you. This is a fine time for meeting people, and you are feeling especially open and receptive. Nevertheless, there is somewhat tense energy with us on a mental level today as retrograde Mercury aligns with Mars. This influence can get you riled up about solving problems, and while it can motivate you to handle a nagging problem that’s been blocking your path, watch for trying to rush this too fast. New ideas and old issues can keep your mind racing. You can be especially busy going over previous work, researching ideas for future plans and goals, or doing editing activities. Be firm and genuine in your dealings with others but avoid hasty words and moves.


You’re ready to embrace change if it promises growth and improvement, dear Aquarius, particularly in your relationships. With Venus and Uranus connecting today, you can be in the mood to experiment with routines, living arrangements, methods, or approaches to relating. More and more these days, you’re finding reasons to let go of traditions and habits that no longer serve you any real purpose. It’s a time for updating, upgrading, and otherwise adapting your personal, work, or domestic life to keep things fresh. Work, routines, or chores benefit from openness to new methods or teamwork. It’s a good time to explore options. Home and personal updates can be quite successful now, and even small improvements can feel wonderful now. A Mercury-Mars aspect today, however, can be tricky, and there can be an accelerated, energized pace to a relationship, as well as animated or impulsive communications. Others may be reacting strongly or acting a little unpredictable, and it may be time to revisit an old problem.


With a Venus-Uranus connection today, dear Pisces, there can be a pleasant focus on improvement, updates, and upgraded today. This can involve material things, but it can also be about attitudes, ideas, perspectives, and experiences. You may make a break from a bad situation, or you’re ready to embrace change, progress, and innovation. You might connect with someone special through shared interests, online, or on the phone. Even games can open up doors for you in relationships as you share your sense of fun and humor with others. There is a tense element to the day as well, however, and you could feel strongly about handling a matter that’s been frustrating you, but rushing a communication may not be a good idea now. While you might tackle a problem with more courage than usual, there is likely to be more to the story later. Mental energy is intense, and if it turns into nervous energy, it can lead to mistakes. Clear away clutter and tie up loose ends instead of pushing a matter that needs more time.

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