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Kalsa Ghotaai

A kalash or clay pot is decorated with strips of cow dung.  This is further decorated with jav or unhusked wheat seeds and sindhur or vermilion. The ceremony is called Kalsa Ghotaai and is carried out by the phoowa or paternal aunt of the bride or groom and their respective sisters.

Folk songs will be sung during this occasion and family members will be encouraged to pay “neg” or to compensate the aunt and sister for doing such a great job in decorating the holy pot of the Divine Mother.

The cow is very dear to Lord Krsna and is worshiped by Hindu’s as Gowmata.  Her urine and dung are known to be the most powerful anticeptics.  The home or temple becomes pure when its urine is utilized while washing.   The most potent Ayurvedic medication is prepared from the urine of the cow and is used to cure complicated health problems from ancient times to this day.

The Kalash represents Lord Vishnu into which the holy waters of the Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Narmada, Krishna, Kaveri and Saryu will be poured while sacred mantras are chanted by the learned Pundit. This water is brought obtained when the ladies conduct the Matkor pooja.  The sister of the bride or groom will ceremoniously carry a lota or kalash of water on her head from the matkor pooja and bring it to the home. In the particular mantra the Pundit invites the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the 330 000 000 Devi and Devata’s to take a seat on the asana.  In a special mantra called awahana he pleads to the innumerable scriptures, the Vedas and Srimad-bhagvatam to change their forms from the written word to personalities and assemble before the Kalash to be present in the wedding ceremony to bear witness to the vows that the couple will be taking and to give their blessings to them so as to enable and empower them to fulfil their duties in serving the Lord in this lifetime.

The consecration and placing of the Kalash is not symbolic as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the 330 000 000 Devi And Devata’s, the guardians of the universe, all the Rishi’s and Sadhu’s of Bharat, one’s spiritual master and the ancestors are humbly called and given an asana or seat on the bedi or alter. 

Having this in mind one is assured that the couple are indeed blessed not only by their parents and assembled guests at the wedding but the Lord Himself.  It is for this reason that the couple take their vows and commit to live happily with one another forever no matter what ever happens in their life. They take vows before the Kalash on the day of the wedding that they will remain bound together as one entity and assist one another in all circumstances of their life.  They further vow that they will endure difficulties together and assist one another in their material and spiritual development, after all marriage is not only meant for sense gratification but God realization

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Pundit Roshan Singh

Pundit Roshan Singh is a renowned and highly respected Priest. He is an ordained Pundit who has studied under various spiritual masters and teachers of India and has been initiated by His Holiness Krishna Das Swami Maharaj. He personally met and was inspired by His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, the founder acharya of ISKCON. He has had personal association and was inspired by His Holiness Swami Sahajanandaji Maharaj of the Divine Life Society and His Holiness Swami Shivpadananda the spiritual head of the Rama Krishna centre. He has an uncanny depth of knowledge of most of the scriptures of many religions of the world especially the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Vedic Scriptures. His discourses on National TV, Radio and articles in the media have always been well received by the community. He is a qualified Jyotish Astrologer and a well experienced Health Care Practitioner. It is his upright and flawless character that has endeared him to both young and the old alike. Every persons leaves him well satisfied with the love, care and support that he has to offer them in aiding them to lead a better way of life.

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