HOROSCOPE – Wednesday 10 July

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh – accredited with the All India Federation of Astrologers Society and Gold Medalist from Akhil Bhartiya Saraswati Jyotish Manch of India.

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A Sun-Neptune aspect influencing today is slow-down energy of the pleasant variety, dear Aries. You’re encouraged to take a pause and notice and appreciate all of the good things about your current situation. Family and your personal life are priorities right now, and it feels good to pour energies into these things. There is a nice de-emphasis of the material world as your attention turns to your spiritual and emotional needs, mainly related to your hearth, inner world, home life, and family. Ideas can come together quite nicely, particularly regarding home and family matters. Do what you can to connect with the part of you that has faith that things will work out well. Support might come from loved ones, and there can be strongly sentimental feelings experienced today.


Your intuitive, compassionate side is drawn to the surface today, dear Taurus, and your more forgiving and kinder look at situations and people in your life can lead you to a pleasant feeling of peace and freedom. People are more inclined to recognize your value as a friend with the Sun’s trine to Neptune. Energies tend to favor slowing down luxuriously if you can manage it. This can be an excellent time for bringing more harmony and acceptance into a friendship or for enjoying conversations that similarly open you up. Your intuitive perceptions are stronger, and you can feel good when you help others. While you may be a little spaced out or you could have difficulties concentrating, this is a good time for giving your brain a break. Group ideas and values help to further your growth. Forgiveness feels excellent today, whether it’s you who is doing the forgiving or someone else who is extending you the benefit of the doubt.


Beautiful energy is with you for using your talents or resources creatively, dear Gemini. It’s an excellent time to let go of any tendencies to over-control things in your life as this seems the path to increased personal power right now. Something seems to be falling into place, and it feels good. There can be wonderful inspiration and imagination today, particularly surrounding business and finances. You might find that plans and insights come together quite beautifully, or you may enjoy a good feeling of confidence and wonderfully creative and compassionate energy in your professional or public dealings. The intangible or spiritual realms are a real part of your daily life right now, and this helps to make you feel more secure and filled. Activities that bolster feelings of inner strength can thrive as you have a stronger faith in your future or path.


A Sun-Neptune trine encourages you to explore your creative side today, dear Cancer. It’s a time for answering a call to round out your life even in the smallest ways with colorful, romantic, and spiritual elements that inspire and delight you. You require the good kind of drama now, and you may very well receive extra special attention from an admirer or another such positive boost and lifting of the spirits. Your imagination is active but not in an over-stimulating way, and your vision spans well beyond the ordinary right now. You are in touch with your more spiritual qualities today, and you have a stronger ability to empathize with others. Problems that were challenging in recent days now seem less daunting, perhaps because your faith that things will work out for the best is strengthening. The Moon moves into harmony with your sign today, too, and this is yet another reason you prefer to go with the flow.


A Sun-Neptune transit influencing today connects the private, emotional sectors of your solar chart, dear Leo, bringing some magic to your personal life. It’s a good time for increased self-understanding or enhanced connections made with a loved one. You may very well enjoy increased faith in your dreams and ideas, and behind-the-scenes matters tend to go very well. This can be a time that you begin to see a grand design behind recent events in your life. You would do well to pay special attention to coincidences and make a note of subtle signs and patterns. Gaining personal power involves letting go of overthinking, controlling, and micromanaging today. Avoid looking for outside appreciation for your efforts and instead, do what makes you feel good from the inside out. The Moon’s move to the bottom of your solar chart is another cue to look within for answers.


A Sun-Neptune aspect influencing today can serve to encourage you to connect with others in compassionate or creative ways, dear Virgo. Inspiration may be found through a special someone or from a relationship. You may be putting more faith in a person, and this can be rewarding as long as you’re not putting that faith in a dream of a person. Alternatively, this transit helps you put aside worries long enough to enjoy yourself, and it may be that a friend helps set your mind at ease. Do what you can on your side to help others build their faith in you, and follow your impulses to help and support others for best results now. Friendships and networks might also inspire or calm you. Others are showing you (or you are choosing to see) their very best side. The Moon moves into your communications sector, stimulating your curiosity.


Taking it easy actually allows you to gain some refreshment that makes catching up more natural, dear Libra, as the Sun and Neptune form a trine. It’s a potentially inspiring time, and you may be moved to be especially generous with your support, skills, or services. You might come to a sense of peace about a matter, and the power of forgiveness is mighty. You can be particularly delighted if a career move or idea comes together. It’s a good time for dreaming up new and very creative ways of furthering your career or broader, long-term goals. Your imagination is vivid, and you’re more tuned in to altruistic purposes in your life even though material affairs can demand your attention more than usual these days. The Moon moves out of your sign and into your solar second house, encouraging you to consider your needs for comfort and security more mindfully.


The Sun and Neptune form a trine in harmony with your sign today, dear Scorpio, and there can be excellent opportunities to follow a dream or your creative and romantic instincts. You’re tapping into your more creative or spiritual side, and concentrating on the bigger picture can bring much joy today as you let go of a tendency to overthink which may have been dragging you down in recent days. Forgiveness and compassion can be very healing, whether you’re giving or receiving them! This is a time when dreams can come true, or for some, a time when ideas that shape later realities are born. The Moon moves into your sign, bringing more emotional color to your life as well. Your perceptions are especially refined, and your personal appeal gets a pleasant boost.


A Sun-Neptune aspect influencing today helps relieve you of the burden of overthinking, dear Sagittarius. You can be particularly patient or content along emotional lines. It benefits you to pay attention to your spiritual or romantic needs now, and a gentle approach is appropriate. When you enjoy what you’re doing, the effort you put forth doesn’t seem to wear you out like it may if you’re only going through the motions. There is power in your imagination and dreams, and letting these things flow can be beneficial. Drawing on compassion and understanding comes naturally. Family or loved ones can inspire you, or your dreams relate to improving your intimate and personal life. Good energy is with you for creative visions. Ideas coming together now can be golden. The Moon moving into your privacy sector is another cue for you to look within and slow down.


After transits that require you to buckle down, today’s Sun-Neptune influence can be useful for letting go of a tendency to want to control or oversee things, dear Capricorn. Nonverbal communication can speak louder than words, and it’s often what we don’t say but express nevertheless that others take away from our interactions. Today is strong for inspiring a certain level of trust. You are expressing yourself with creative flair, and you could feel inspired. You are tapping into your more spiritual side, and you’re less restrained when it comes to expressing it. Letting tension go or performing a compassionate act can be particularly rewarding now. You’re in great shape for enjoying something you read or sharing your thoughts with others. A partner or special friend may give you just the kind of perspective you need to enjoy yourself more fully. Taking a pause from overdoing and overthinking can be very refreshing now.


Today’s energies encourage you to take things easy, dear Aquarius, or they help you let go of something that’s been tensing you up. The result can be great ideas or a new perspective, particularly regarding material affairs, work, or health matters. Your intuition is excellent now. Volunteering your services can be rewarding. You are content being of service to others today, and while recognition would be nice, you are not actively seeking appreciation, and the intrinsic rewards are great. A strong element of compassion and faith can do wonders for a partnership now. There can be an appreciation of the little things in your life or of your daily life that fills you with good feelings. Some aspects of your work, services, or support can lift your spirits. You might enjoy activities that remind you of the beauty of the moment. Look for ways to boost spiritual well-being as the Sun and Neptune harmonize now. With this energy, you gain personal power by choosing not to try to maneuver and control events.


A gentle approach to life works wonders today as the Sun and Neptune harmonize, dear Pisces. You’re expressing yourself well, even without saying a word! It makes sense to slow down and enjoy the moment under this easy going influence. Going with the flow is something that tends to come naturally to you, but due to a hectic pace in recent days, you may need a small reminder, and this comes today. People seem more compassionate, interested, and sympathetic to your cause, and you can feel very much in your element, especially with the Moon harmonizing with your sign today as well. You express yourself comfortably and creatively. You might intuitively determine how to get an important plan off the ground, or this can be a time when things settle after a period of tension. You enjoy flowing with, rather than against, what’s going on around you.

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