HOROSCOPE – Thursday 11 July

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

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It may be better to avoid risk-taking with your money or making quick decisions in love today, dear Aries, as impulsiveness is the keyword today if you can’t find the root of your restlessness. You might, however, work up the nerve to take an emotional chance with a love interest or a creative risk with a project, but it’s probably better to wait for a less volatile time to express yourself. A Mars-Uranus square can aggravate any uncertainties or frustrations you may be having with income, business, or a money situation. The need to break out of a rut may become evident through the events of the day, although it’s better if you do this mindfully. Explore your feelings and decide what needs changing, and then put these into action on a less emotionally chaotic day. Today is strong, however, for finding resolutions to matters that have been causing you some amount of stress or distress. For best results, be ready to take steps to improve a situation rather than jump to react. You may very well find that others are attracted to your healing, proactive, and naturally confident approach.


With a Mars-Uranus square today, dear Taurus, your more impulsive or reckless traits can surface. Something on the domestic front might get you irritated or could simply displace you. Energy is up and down, but when up, can be harnessed to do something wonderfully creative or productive. You need a change of pace! This is true in a general sense with Uranus in your sign for the long haul, but with Mars challenging Uranus today, you are inclined to jump in or out of something too quickly–something to watch. Aim to be the one in charge of these changes instead of resisting and allowing change to happen to you. In fact, you may be in the perfect position to improve a home or family matter today or to release frustration through a constructive channel.


With a Mars-Uranus square today, dear Gemini, shortcuts can be a temptation, particularly with your work or chores, but instead of saving time, they’re more likely to cost you some. Take a breath and don’t let impatience rule. Center yourself and examine issues that have made you angry and are unresolved, as these may be at the heart of stressed or impatient behavior today. Part of you may be striving to break free from the “old you” or an old identity, and this can lead to rebellious behavior or “acting out.” Speaking prematurely on a matter or blurting out something can be an example. If you can manage to center yourself, however, you’re in great shape for resolving a problem related to communication, learning, or transportation. For best results, be ready to make the most of a situation and willing to take steps to improve your life. Confronting a problem is your best bet now, rather than sidestepping it.


Today’s Mars-Uranus square can rile you up and motivate you, dear Cancer, but it can also stimulate restlessness. Impatience can lead to impulsiveness today, especially with money, but it can also get you worked up about a difference in values with someone. You may need to deal with the consequences of poor decisions today, so keep your wits about you. There can also be a tendency to fly off the handle if you don’t feel respected. Holding on too tightly to your things and ideas may be about a fear of changes taking place in your social life. Centering yourself can help, although it can be challenging. If you do, you can take advantage of reliable energy for resolving a business or money problem, or an issue of ownership or respect in a relationship. The desire to put something behind you can lead to a confrontation that works in your favor or a hands-on approach to problem-solving. Being direct and honest can be a little sticky now, but also very relieving and revealing.


You may be in reaction mode today, especially if someone is trying to tell you what to do, dear Leo. You may very well feel the tension rising. With a Mars-Uranus square occurring now, it’s better to keep your head rather than act impulsively. The need to make a change is evident, but you may not know exactly where to start. You are asserting your independence more often these days, and today you could be pushing the wrong buttons, particularly with a parent or boss. The desire to liberate yourself from a past way of life, an old job, a typecast role, a public image, or a particular reputation can be powerful, but rushing into a change may not be your best bet. Your independence could get you some negative attention today. However, if you can manage to center yourself, you can take affirmative action to make improvements or to heal a problem area. Preferably, you’re acting from your heart rather than reacting to what seems to be an offense.


Today’s Mars-Uranus square can get you all fired up over a past or buried issue, dear Virgo, and outlets for expressing your frustration may appear limited. Differences of opinion can seem like blocks right now, but you’ll be much better off if you find ways to work through frustration before making a stand. Aim to get to the heart of your impatience today for best results. This transit may seem to force an issue in an area where you may have been resisting change. Or, the need to free yourself from the confines of a project or plan can be prominent now. Watch for premature or impulsive actions, and aim for self-understanding. Your need for change is real, but you’d be wise to make changes mindfully. If you can manage to center yourself, you’ll be in a good position of understanding regarding a private, personal, or past matter, and you may have the opportunity to release a burden.


Today’s Mars-Uranus square can shake things up, dear Libra, and interactions with friends can stir something inside you. For some of you, there can be a conflict involving a friend or associate revolving around matters of give-and-take. You may be trying to break free from a particular attachment, and today, while there can be changes of plans or there can be abruptness to the energy of the day, you may very well need to put something behind you. It may be best to aim to keep your cool, even if provoked. Avoid quick reactions. While there can be rising tensions experienced now, you have all the tools available to resolve dilemmas with friends, associates, or long-term goals, or you might come to a better understanding of a situation, and this leads to taking the appropriate actions. Improvement and moving on are in focus.


Unresolved tension may seem to build or get to a boiling point today, dear Scorpio, and it may be best if you can discover a creative or physical outlet for releasing it. However, you can be intolerant of personal restrictions or of someone in your life that may seem to be draining you of energy. Your ambitions are strong these days, but unreliability or relationship problems can distract you from going after what you want today. The root of any conflicts experienced now is likely to be about equality, but even so, it’s hard to totally put your finger on the source of tension. If you can center yourself, there is a good chance you can resolve issues related to work, career, reputation, or responsibilities that have been difficult to understand. It can be a time for taking steps towards healing or improving and growing. Sharing ideas and experiences with others can be fulfilling. Benefits come from reaching out and pushing yourself a little out of your comfort zone now.


There can be a lot to do right now, dear Sagittarius, but patience is difficult to come by with Mars and Uranus forming a tense square aspect. You may be tempted to take shortcuts that could end up costing you later. If you can manage it, try to work independently or in a setting in which you can work at your own pace. You’re moving towards a freer, more authentic working or daily life, and events of today may seem to force the issue. A break in the routine or a schedule change can feel uncomfortable at first, but it can also positively redirect you, so aim to keep calm and make the most of the changes happening now. Better yet, seek to identify what needs to change and proactively start your work on making improvements. If you can center yourself, you may arrive at the right path to take that will help you resolve problems and move forward.


With a Mars-Uranus square today, dear Capricorn, emotional restlessness can tempt you to take unnecessary risks with money or with people. Haste truly makes waste today, so aim to take it easy. Listen to your heart rather than to others who may not be expressing themselves very well or acting from the heart. Mars may be pushing you to dig deep and seek out hidden truths or a stronger connection to someone or something these days, but its square to Uranus today can stir up all sorts of frustrations. A craving for more emotional space or freedom in your life can be at odds with all of this. Or, others may be giving you space, and this throws you for a loop. Centering yourself can bring rewards. In fact, you might make sense of a tricky situation, and this allows you to move on. Taking action that involves growing and improving, particularly in a relationship, with money matters, and family or home affairs can be satisfying.


Crankiness today tends to stem from inner restlessness and a desire to break free from restrictive circumstances, dear Aquarius, with Mars square Uranus. It’s probably best to give everyone the space they need so that moods settle. Be vigilant if dealing with fine print and contracts since the tendency to rush through things can have consequences now. You need to grow and change, and recognizing this puts you in an advantageous position. If you can manage to center yourself, you’ll enjoy opportunities to accept or resolve a relationship matter that may have been causing you some recent stress. Releasing pent-up worries or frustrations can be satisfying, and the more constructive the channel you can find, the better.


A Mars-Uranus square today can seem to encourage hasty moves and the taking of shortcuts, dear Pisces, particularly when it comes to work, paperwork, communications, and transportation. However, impatient speech and actions can be regrettable now if they’re not coming from the heart. Underneath it all, you may only be trying to break free from a label or restrictive situation, and if so, try to do this mindfully. Do what you can to work independently today, as you can quickly become frustrated with someone’s pace or mistakes. Despite a real tendency to jump too quickly to conclusions or actions, if you can center yourself, you can find some workable solutions to problems related to work, health, or routines and daily affairs, or you might make adjustments and take steps to improve your situation. You’re in particularly good shape for finding ways to heal on mind and body levels.

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