Shani Jayanti – Friday 22 May A day to remove your obstacles

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

Shani Jayanti

This Festival is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the Lord Shani. The son of Lord Surya, Lord Shani also rules the planet Saturn and a day of the week which is Saturday. The festival is also known as Shani Amavasya. With regards to the Hindu calendar, Shani Jayanti falls on the Vaishak Vaidya Chaturdashi Amavasya. One of the temples that the festival of Shani Jayanti is primarily celebrated is at the Shani Shingnapur Shaneshwara Mandir which is located in Maharashtra. Other North Indian temples and devotees also celebrate this festival in large numbers.

Recommended mode of worship on this day

Rise early in the morning

Take a bath and make use of three kinds of oil when bathing.

Prepare the pooja room for prayer.

Commence your day with your daily pooja as you normally do.

Bath the deity of Shani Dev (if you have one) with Ganga Jal, milk, curd, hardi water and oil.

Offer him a garland consisting of lime and flowers.

Offer aarti consisting of camphor, ghee lamp, agarbathi and flowers.

Light a lamp consisting of oil and black seseme seeds. The wick should face towards the deity or picture.

Make an offering of prashad that should consist of sweets made a jaggery (gur) and soaked urud dall.

Perform Agni hotra, homa, hawan by making offers of melted ghee and seseme seeds into the fire.

Chant the mantra of Shani Dev as given hereunder.

Chant the Hanuman Chalisa.

Chant a few rounds of the Maha Mantra.

Maintain a dry fast for the day and break fast at sunset.

Break fast with the prashad that has been offered to the Lord.


Legend goes that Lord Surya was married to Daksha’s daughter, Sandhya through which he was a father to 3 children namely, Manu, Yam and Yamuna. All was well until Sandhya felt small in the company of her radiant and powerful husband, where as a solution she created a womanly figure named Chaya from her shadow and gave her the responsibilities of being the wife of Lord Surya who in turn, did not doubt it. Sandhya went on to the forest to do penance in order to increase her powers. Chaya soon gave birth to 3 children namely Manu, Shani and Bhadra. However, when Chaya was pregnant with  Lord Shani in her womb, she was doing severe penance to pacify Lord Shiva under the scorching sun which turned Lord Shani’s complexion to black. When Lord Shani was born, Lord Surya got shocked to see the dark complexion and suspected whether he was his child and vented out his anger on Chaya. Lord Shani as a child, saw that his mother was insulted without reason where he cast a cruel gaze upon his father which burned Lord Surya and turned his complexion as well to black. Lord Surya, unable to understand this went to Lord Shiva for help and was told the reality of the situation and Lord Surya thereby apologized and got his original complexion back. Ever since then, both the father and son shared a close-knit bond with each other.

The festival of Shani Jayanti is celebrated to avoid or fend off all the bad omens and evils from an individual’s life by appeasing Lord Shani. Devotees follow strict rules and regulations so as to keep Lord Shani happy to avoid his furious nature. Regardless of your status, healthy or unhealthy, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, if you have to pay for your sins, Lord Shani will ensure that you do. However, it is not only bad luck or ill omens that happen due to Lord Shani. Conferring blessings to those who work hard and keep trying their best on a continuous basis is also done by Lord Shani.

The festival of Shani Jayanti consists of  rituals such as bathing the deity of Lord Shani in the morning with Ganga jal, panch-amrut, oil and water. Once the bathing is completed, a haar or necklace is placed made of Navratnas, which depicts the navgrahas. A Shani Shanti puja as well as ‘Telabhishekam’ is performed in order to stay guarded from black magic, a ‘homam’ or ‘yagya’ is performed to avoid the influence of witchcraft where people are advised to wear a horse ring or hang it outside their house. Wear an iron ring on the middle finger on the right hand. Feed ants with wheat and jaggery. Chanting of Shani stotra and ‘Om Sham Shaneshchraya Namah’ is done to gain the benefic blessings of Lord Shani.

अपनी राशि पर शनि की साढ़ेसाती के आरंभ होते ही हर प्राणी यह सोचकर भयभीत होने लगता है कि, अब क्या होगा ! किन्तु ये साढ़ेसाती की 2700 दिन की अवधि का कालखंड कष्टकारक ही हो ऐसा नहीं हैं। किसी भी राशि पर जिस पर शनिदेव की साढ़ेसाती आरंभ होने वाली हो उस राशि के किस अंग पर इनका विचरण होता है यदि आप इसे समझ कर उसी के अनुसार निर्णय एवं उपाय करें तो साढ़ेसाती एवं ढैय्या के अशुभ प्रभावों से बचा जा सकता है।


This mantra should be chanted 23 times

शनि स्तोंत्र
ॐ नीलांजन समाभासं रवि पुत्रं यमाग्रजम |
छायामार्तंड संभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम ||

Shani Stotram
Aum Nilaanjan Samaabhaasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam |
Chhayamartand Sambhootam Tam Namaami Shanaishcharam |

It is recommended that you should chant the Sri Hanuman Chalisa immediately after the Shani Mantra is chanted.

।। दोहा ।।

श्रीगुरु चरन सरोज रज, निज मनु मुकुरु सुधारि ।
बरनऊँ रघुबर विमल जसु, जो दायक फल चारि ।।
बुद्धिहीन तनु जानिके, सुमिरौं पवन-कुमार ।
बल बुद्धि विद्द्या देहु मोहिं, हरहु कलेस विकार ।।

| | DOHA | |

shreeguru charan saroj raj, nij manu mukuroo sudhaari |
barnaoon raghubar vimal jasu, jo dayak fal chaari | |
buddhiheen tanu jaan ke, sumiron pawan-kumar |
bal buddhi vidhya dehu mohin, harhu kales vikaar | |

श्री हनुमान चालीसा

।। चौपाई ।।

जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुण सागर, जय कपीस तिहुँ लोक उजागर ।। १ ।।
राम दूत अतुलित बल धामा, अंजनी-पुत्र पवनसुत नामा ।। २ ।।
महावीर विक्रम बजरंगी, कुमति निवार सुमति के संगी ।। ३ ।।
कंचन बरन बिराज सुबेसा, कानन कुण्डल कुंचित केसा ।। ४ ।।
हाथ व्रज औ ध्वजा बिराजै, काँधे मूँज जनेउ साजै ॥ ५ ॥
शंकर सुवन केसरीनंदन, तेज प्रताप महा जग बंदन ।। ६ ।।
विद्यावान गुनी अति चातुर, राम काज करिबे को आतुर ।। ७ ।।
प्रभु चरित्र सुनिबे को रसिया, राम लखन सीता मन बसिया ।। ८ ।।

सूक्ष्म रूप धरि सियहिं दिखावा, विकट रूप धरि लंक जरावा ।। ९ ।।
भीम रूप धरि असुर सँहारे, रामचन्द्र के काज सँवारे ।। १० ।।
लाय संजीवन लखन जियाये, श्री रघुबीर हरषि उर लाये ।। ११ ।।
रघुपति कीन्हि बहुत बड़ाई, तुम मम प्रिय भरत सम भाई ।। १२ ।।
सहस बदन तुम्हरो यस गावैं, अस कहि श्रीपति कण्ठ लगावैं ।। १३ ।।
सनकादिक ब्रह्मादि मुनीसा, नारद सारद सहित अहीसा ।। १४ ।।
जम कुबेर दिगपाल जहाँ ते, कबि कोबिद कहि सके कहाँ ते ।। १५ ।।
तुम उपकार सुग्रीवहिं कीन्हा, राम मिलाय राज पद दीन्हा ।। १६ ।।

तुम्हरो मन्त्र विभीषण माना, लंकेश्वर भए सब जग जाना ।। १७ ।।
जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानु, लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू ।। १८ ।।
प्रभु मुद्रिका मेलि मुख माहीं, जलधि लाँघि गये अचरज नाहीं ।। १९ ।।
दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते, सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हरे तेते ।। २० ।।
राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे, होत न आज्ञा बिनु पैसारे ।। २१ ।।
सब सुख लहै तुम्हारी सरना, तुम रक्षक काहू को डर ना ।। २२ ।।
आपन तेज सम्हारो आपै, तीनों लोक हाँक तें काँपै ।। २३ ।।
भूत पिशाच निकट नहिं आवै, महावीर जब नाम सुनावै ।। २४ ।।

नासै रोग हरै सब पीरा, जपत निरन्तर हनुमत बीरा ।। २५ ।।
संकट तें हनुमान छुड़ावै, मन क्रम बचन ध्यान जो लावै ।। २६ ।।
सब पर राम तपस्वी राजा, तिन के काज सकल तुम साजा ।। २७ ।।
और मनोरथ जो कोई लावै, सोई अमित जीवन फल पावै ।। २८ ।।
चारों जुग परताप तुम्हारा, है परसिद्ध जगत उजियारा ।। २९ ।।
साधु सन्त के तुम रखवारे, असुर निकंदन राम दुलारे ।। ३० ।।
अष्टसिद्धि नौ निधि के दाता, अस वर दीन जानकी माता ।। ३१ ।।
राम रसायन तुम्हरे पासा, सदा रहो रघुपति के दासा ।। ३२ ।।

तुम्हरे भजन राम को पावै, जनम जनम के दुख बिसरावै ।। ३३ ।।
अन्त काल रघुपति पुर जाई, जहाँ जन्म हरिभक्त कहाई ।। ३४ ।।
और देवता चित्त न धरई, हनुमत सेइ सर्व सुख करई ।। ३५ ।।
संकट कटै मिटै सब पीरा, जो सुमिरै हनुमत बलबीरा ।। ३६ ।।
जय जय जय हनुमान गोसाईं, कृपा करहु गुरुदेव की नाईं ।। ३७ ।।
जो सत बार पाठ कर कोई, छूटहि बंदि महा सुख होई ।। ३८ ।।
जो यह पढ़ै हनुमान चालीसा, होय सिद्धि साखी गौरीसा ।। ३९ ।।
तुलसीदास सदा हरि चेरा, कीजै नाथ हृदय महँ डेरा ।। ४० ।।

Shri Hanuman Chalisa


Jai hanuman gyan gun saagar,
Jai kapees tinhu lok ujaagar | |
Ram doot atoolit bal dhaama,
Anjani-putra pawansut naama | |
Mahaveer vikram bajaranti,
Kumti nivaar sumti ke sangi | |
Kanchan baran biraaj subesaa,
Kaanan kundal kunchit kesa | |
Haath vraj O dhwaja biraaje,
Kaandhe moonj janeu saaje | |
Shankar suvan kesrinandan,
Tej prataap maha jag bandan | |
Vidhyavaan guni ati chaatur,
Raam kaaj karibe ko aatur | |
Prabhu charitra sunibe ko rasiya,
Ram lakhan sita man basiya | |

Sukshm roop dhari siyanhi dikhaava,
Vikat roop dhari lank jaraava | |
Bheem roop dhari asur sanhaare,
Raamchandra ke kaaj sanwaare | |
Laaye sanjeevan lakhan jiyaaye,
Shree raghubeer harshi ur laaye | |
Raghupati kinhi bahut badaayi,
Tum mum priye bharat sam bhaai | |
Sesah badan tumharo yas gaave,
As kahi shreepati kanth lagaave | |
Sankaadik brahamaadi munisaa,
Naarad saarad sahit aheesa | |
Jam kuber digpal jahaan te,
Kabi kobid kahi sake kahaan te | |
Tum upkaar sugrivhin keenha,
Ram milaay raj pad deenha | |

Tumhro mantra vibheeshan maana,
Lankeshwar bhaye sab jag jaana | |
Jug sahsra jojan par bhaanu,
Leelyo taahi madhur phal jaanoo | |
Prabhu mudrika meli mukh maahi,
Jaldhi laanghi gaye acharaj naahi | |
Durgam kaaj jagat ke jete,
Sugam anugarah tumhre tete | |
Ram dulaare tum rakhwaare,
Haut naa aagya binu paisaare | |
Sab sukh lahai tumhaari sarnaa,
Tum rakshak kaahoo ko dar naa | |
Aapan tej samharo aape,
Teeno lok haank te kaanpe | |
Bhoot pishaach nikat nahi aave,
Mahaveer jab naam sunaave | |

Naase rog harai sab peera,
Japat nirantar hanumat beera | |
Sankat te hanuman chhudaave,
Man kram bachan dhyaan jo laave | |
Sab par ram tapasvi raaja,
Tin ke kaaj sakal tum saaja | |
Aur manorath jo koi laave,
Soi amit jeevan phal paave | |
Charo jug partaap tumhara,
Hai parsiddh jagat ujiyaara | |
Sadhu sant ke tum rakhwaare,
Asur nikandan ram dulaare | |
Ashtsiddhi nau nidhi ke daata,
As var deen jaanki mata | |
Ram rasaayan tumhre paasa,
Sada raho raghuati ke daasa | |

Tumhre bhajan ram ko paave,
Janam janam ke dukh bisraave | |
Ant kaal raghupati pur jaayi,
Jahaan janam haribhakt kahaayi | |
Aur devta chitt naa dharayi,
Hanumat sei sarv sukh karayi | |
Sankat katai mitai sab peera,
Jo sumerai hanumat balbeera | |
Jai jai jai hanuman gosaayi,
Kripa karhu gurudev ki naayi | |
Jo sat baar paath kar koi,
Chhootahi bandi maha sukh hoyi | |
Jo yeh pade hanuman chalisa,
Hoy siddhi saakhi gaurisa | |
Tulsidas sada hari chera,
Keejai nath hridya manh deraa | |

।। दोहा ।।

पवनतनय संकट हरन मंगल मूरति रूप ।
राम लखन सीता सहित हृदय बसहु सुर भूप ।।


Pawantanay Sankat Haran Mangal Moorti Roop |
Ram Lakhan Seeta Sahit Hridya Bashu Sur Bhoop | |

Who is Shani Dev

‘Shani’ or Saturn is a justice-loving and philosophical planet. Sri Shaneeshwara or Lord Shani Dev, the personification of the planet Saturn is worshiped with utmost reverence and devotion by multitudes of people from all over the world.

He is the Lord and an indicator of longevity, misery, sorrow, old age and death, discipline, restriction, responsibility, delays, ambition, leadership and authority, humility, integrity, wisdom born of experience.  Saturn is regarded as a planet of darkness which rules over the dark side of human nature, such as the conscience (awareness of right and wrong).

Why pray to Shani Dev

Saturn is regarded to be both a giver as well as destroyer. Its character of loving justice is like the scales of the Libra, it brings balance in everything. Whenever Shani gives great luck and fortune to a beneficiary, it takes into account all the previous ‘Karma’ into account. If your past Karma is good, it gives you good benefits.

After the age of 35, it lets luck and prosperity smile on you. If the Karma has been bad, it will bring lots of trials and tribulation in your life. Mental stress, trouble in business, loss of parents and many other malefic effects come into play.

If Shani is present in the 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 9th House, it is considered inauspicious and gives the person lot of tribulations in life.

Significance of Shani Puja

Worship of Shani is said to mitigate the hardships one will have to face during unfortunate times, especially if it is performed on Shani Jayanti or Shani Amavasya. Offering prayers to Shani Dev every Saturday is also recommended.

Prayers and mantras of Lord Shani are chanted as the most important part of the puja. Pujas to Shani must be accompanied by donations of rice and black sesame seeds. Devotees who prefer to observe a day long fast till the sunset, on the day of such pujas, break their fast by consuming rice mixed with sesame seeds or black urad dal.

Who should perform Shani puja

Shani Puja  is recommended to people who have Sade Satti of Shani, Shani Mahadasha or Shani in an unfavourable position in their horoscope. It is known to nullify, or at least minimise the impact of the malefic effects of Shani in ones horoscope. It is very imporSignificance & Benefits of Pujas to Shani Dev on Shani Amavasya

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