HOROSCOPE – Saturday 30 May

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

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You ideas will be get stolen by somebody you trusted the most at work and they might bring you down. Be cautious while sharing yours ideas with anybody today Aries. You are likely seen to take good decisions in terms of your money and financial matters. There is a chance of an accident due to water. Be careful whenever you get in contact with water today. Clearing up old misunderstandings and issues calmly will help you and your partner understand each other and take future decisions accordingly, says todays Aries horoscope prediction.


Restrict yourself to your own business rather than poking into others personal matters for the day. Despite of having a great solution to their problem, your advice will not be taken today. You will have to complete the work of other person as they have not appeared for the task which was decided previously. The day will be normal for money. Answer your health related queries yourself Taurus. You are the only one who knows your body the best. There are high chances of you moving in with your lover, says todays Taurus horoscope prediction.


Take control of your life which has been out of your hands previously. Understand your needs and desires and conclude things accordingly. Your total commitment and dedication towards your work will bring fruitful results to you Gemini. Towards the end of the day, you might see some good amount of financial gains. You mental stress has reached its peak despite of having good physical health. Look for a solution to this problem soon. There is someone who will try and come in between you and your partner, says todays Gemini horoscope prediction.


Trusting someone you don’t know might lead you to disappointment today. You will be occupied at your work as you would be filled with lots of projects to complete. You might meet someone you know at a meeting with your client Cancer. The day will be fine for money matters. It is advised for you to wash your hands properly before eating something. People or a person who have been rude to you previously in your relationship will be seen coming to you for forgiveness. Decide for yourself whom you want to forgive and give a second chance, says todays Cancer horoscope prediction.


You have been quite ignored by people around you but today you with be the center of attention Leo. This can be due to your appearance or your actions for the day at a certain situation. Your sense of responsibility and duty will win all the hurdles at your work matters today. The day is predicted to be motionless in terms of your health and finances too. Your love life has reached at its peak and it is the time to for something exciting between you and your partner, says todays Leo horoscope prediction.


Do not complain for responsibilities that will come to you today. Completing your tasks with full concentration will only help you in your future attempts. The sooner you complete it, the sooner you will be set free. It is an unsettling day in terms of money and finances Virgo. Do not eat street food today if your body is not used to it. Single people will have courage in expressing their thoughts and feeling to the person they love, says todays Virgo horoscope prediction.


Today is the right day to spend your previously saved money for a special occasion. You are seen to be surrounded by family and friends. You will be receiving a good news that might bring tears to your eyes. You are unable to focus or fix your mind on a single thing for your career. Take advice and clear all your doubts from somebody. Do not forget to look after your digestive system for the day Libra. Single people are seen to be lucky in finding their better half, says todays Libra horoscope prediction.


You are seen to work for underprivileged children in educating them. You are likely in a helping mood for the day as you might give things to someone in need too. The day is good for your financial matters, so you can even spend your money on charity or related to it. People working in the field of hospitality might get a bit lazy in their usual work today. Keep a check on your vitamins and mineral consumption for the day Scorpio. Your love and romance life is seen to motionless. You must look out for people who are single as you, says todays Scorpio horoscope prediction.


Your attempts for the day will meet success and everything seems to be in your control. You are also seen to regain any losses that occurred previously Sagittarius. If you work in aviation industry, there are high chances of some mishap or trouble with you. The day will be a positive one in matters related to your health. You have neglected your partner and family for some time due to your work. Today you will be able to get enough time to spend with them and enjoy, says todays Sagittarius horoscope prediction.


You will be able to get many things completed by the end of the day. It is advised for you to not hold back from people saying anything to you today. Despite of good energy and fully creative mind, your self confidence will not be at its best for you. You seem to be very careless towards your finances today Capricorn. Think about things that could help you increase money. As far as your love and romance life is concerned, there will be nothing new and exciting, says todays Capricorn horoscope.


Certain changes might occur in your life soon that might start from today Aquarius. But you will enjoy it with enthusiasm. You will be rewarded for your leadership qualities by a prestigious source that might also help you in your finances and money issues for the day. There is a high chance of depression and anxiety today but that will be for no reason. Do not get assertive on small and specific things that can trouble and disrupt your love and romance life with your partner, says todays Aquarius horoscope prediction.


You are seen to be tensed and stressed due to some domestic problem today. Try and not give up at such situation as you are a strong pillar for your family. You will soon be able to solve this issue soon by finding the root cause. People working in matters related to cash like banking will face accusation today. The day not a good one for money gains Pisces. Do not jump with both feet in order to get fit fast. Slow and steady wins the race. Your partner might need your support and help in some emotional matters, says todays Pisces horoscope prediction.

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