HOROSCOPE – Wednesday 24 February

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

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Transits today tend to nudge you towards positive improvements and changes, dear Aries, even if emotions are up and down. You’re working under the radar or behind the scenes these days, but you might also branch out and come up with novel ways of expressing yourself. With money, personal possessions, and valuables, you’re doing things just a little differently, and a change of pace feels right. You tend to look at your life in new ways, especially private, personal, self-worth, and financial matters. You can readily see areas that would benefit from improved approaches, including projects and attitudes.


You’re in fabulous form for enjoying new interests, a friendship, making connections, or dreaming up new ways to enjoy your life this week, dear Taurus. New ideas and potential ventures inspire you. This can be a time to break through a barrier or problem, which serves as a pleasant relief. You’re in perfect shape for sharing your talents or expertise with others or coming up with creative and exciting ideas for future projects. You might feel less inhibited, and you can experience more emotional clarity through sharing your thoughts or feelings with a friend. Instead, a new or revived friendship can be part of the picture now.


Letting go of attitudes that keep you stuck in the past comes naturally again today, dear Gemini. The week holds strong energy for a feeling of forward movement. There could be out-of-the-blue insights into a professional or personal interest this week. It’s a good time to gain an ally, and public or business activities have a nice, progressive flow to them. People, bosses, and even organizations tend to be more willing and flexible today and tomorrow. Transits now encourage interacting with your world a little differently for greater rewards and perhaps opportunities. You might draw upon experience and wisdom to solve a problem likely related to your career or reputation. Instincts for making changes and improvements are excellent.


You are connecting with your desire for new experience, learning, and excitement, dear Cancer. Surprises with friends and acquaintances can figure strongly today and tomorrow. Some mutual learning and discovery are likely, and you could expand others’ minds with your ideas or feelings. Courses, networking, teamwork, or publishing opportunities could be part of the picture–doors are opening. Instead, friends and alliances can form through your studies, ideas, beliefs, interests, or extracurricular activities. This can be a strong day for you on social and mental levels, although you also need a steadier pace with the Moon’s move into your solar second house.


The Moon heads into your sign today, boosting your desire to express yourself, dear Leo. Given some time and space for experimentation, you can come to some exciting new insights. Good ideas seem to arrive when you’re not following all the rules or coloring inside the lines today and tomorrow. A new method might work wonders for you, or there’s a reputation boost that seems to come out of the blue, and it’s a pleasant surprise. The desire for positive change is stronger than usual this week, and you instinctively know that you have to approach things in new ways to make improvements. A relationship might play a significant role in your motivation to reach a goal or ambition. It’s almost effortless to identify what’s no longer working for you or contributing to your growth, and you enjoy the idea of going forward lighter and freer.


You have been in demand recently, and you’re now in need of some downtime, extra time to arrive at decisions and conclusions, and more privacy, dear Virgo. The Moon heads into a sector of your solar chart that rules behind-the-scenes activities. However, because you can slip into others’ shoes very easily right now, your powers of negotiation are stellar. You are likely to find yourself in pleasant agreement with important others in your life today. Making connections with people tends to run seamlessly. You are open to change and progress, and aligning yourself with progressive, adventurous, and forward-looking people can be very beneficial now. It’s an excellent week for mind-opening experiences and exciting revelations. At this time of the year, people in your life contribute more to your life, or you’re paying their contributions more attention!


With the Moon’s move into your social sector, dear Libra, it’s time to ease back a little on professional and public matters and put more of yourself, emotionally, into more humanitarian or happiness goals. Your mind can be doing some interesting exercises today and tomorrow, and you’re entertaining ideas you may not think up on another day and having some fun with it. Alternative methods work best now; there is no need to cling to the traditional or familiar with today’s energies. There can be some exciting revelations about your buried desires or needs, and answers that are not especially obvious can come to you. Approaching things differently comes naturally now, particularly with work, finances, and emotions.


It’s an excellent time to dream up new ideas and turn on to different interests, dear Scorpio. Fresh approaches to relating are in order right now, and a little frivolity or extra fun can boost a connection. You’re expressing yourself more freely and playfully, and this may very well open up a door of opportunity. Certain areas of your life need some room and space for exploration– breaking free from some of the rules or expectations helps improve them. It can be particularly evident with hobbies, leisure, children, love, romance, and partnership. You might especially enjoy sharing hobbies or creations.


A focus on family matters and security or support systems continues, and it’s a heartwarming one, dear Sagittarius. Still, you’re ready to have a bit of fun with these things, changing things up. A new or different approach to your usual routines can be particularly refreshing. A brief or small departure from the rules may very well lead to interesting new ideas or experiences. Follow your intuition when doing your work and domestic activities. As you approach others with an open mind, they are more likely to respond by opening theirs.


Today and tomorrow are strong for discovery, particularly along mental or intellectual lines, dear Capricorn. The information you uncover today is exciting and possibly even profitable. Your mind is open to new ideas or methods of connecting, and your sense of humor is well-developed. Even small advances now can motivate you and lift your spirits. You have a strong sense of progress, and you’re inclined to appreciate the chance to experiment and express your more unique traits now. You’re feeling a little lighter, more spirited, and especially hopeful. Flexibility brings the most rewards now.


Today’s energies are good for a nice boost to your feelings of comfort, security, and familiarity, dear Aquarius. Still, you’re doing comfort differently at this time in your life, and you’re ready to try innovative approaches to your money or personal life, which can be particularly successful this week. There could be a pleasant surprise along financial, home, or business lines. You might discover a new method or arrive at a fabulous idea that frees you from a problem or heavy feeling. Insight into a practical matter, especially financial, can come when you’re not trying too hard. Taking a small step back from a problem may bring a natural solution. This is a time to approach your family life, money, and domestic affairs in refreshing new ways, making useful improvements.


Your appeal is strong today and tomorrow, especially through your communications and ideas, dear Pisces. Today’s transits are particularly helpful as they help you detach just enough to see which elements of your life are dragging you down. Letting go of or resolving a problem can figure strongly now. This can be a time to shake up the usual routine a little or reach out to someone. It’s a great week for personal magnetism, effective communication, and gently pushing ahead. Still, the Moon moves into your work and health sector for a couple of days. If systems or structures in your life need some editing, fixing, or tweaking, now is a good time to pay them attention.

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