Astrological Remedies for Educational Hindrances

How much have you invested in your child

The three basic necessities in a person’s life are food, shelter and clothing. But in today’s world if we consider education as the base of life then we get the rest. Education not only provides a person with the basic requirements but also shapes his or her life perfectly. The people who take up education in the right way are said to have spiritual strength. Astrology to an extent shows the susceptibility towards learning and it helps the individual to propitiate the planets so as to overcome the difficulties associated with learning and what to pursue in the career of education. Education can be pursued without any obstacles provided remedies and propitiation of the planets and pursue vidyartha, learning and education where there will no hindrances in the way. With the help of astrology, parents can arrive at choosing the right subject for their children which will help them to opt for the right career.


With so many options that are available in the field of career the student also gets confused with what to choose. In such cases astrology gives a helping hand by indicating the position of the planets in the natal chart which helps the individual to find out the suitable line of education without any obstacles. Though astrology is not going to determine a child’s future completely, it helps the parent not to spend too much of money in a wrong field of studies for their child. So there are lots of remedies or solution provided by astrology for education related problems. There are many remedies which can be performed according to astrology for paving the way from obstacles in the path of education.


Jyotish Astrology not only assists one in choosing the correct path of study but also aids one in the process of studies. More often than not most children are unable to assimilate or grasp the subject matter and are beset with blockages and cannot absorb the knowledge. It is for this reason that one has to seriously take a look at the horoscope or natal chart of the child to ascertain how this can be remedied to aid the child to not only absorb the knowledge but produce the desired results. More than the common or the general remedies done, the planetary influences on an individual’s natal chart when studied and remedies done pertaining to that particular problem will enhance the study and educational success. This will help in strengthening the planetary positions that is acting as a hindrance in the path of education and will result in accomplishing good educational career. The applied technology of remedies can greatly support your ability to achieve your goals without any obstacles. When a child is trying to do his or her best or is unable to concentrate at all then in such cases he or her gets very frustrating for the child and parents. There is a remedy in astrology for concentrating in studies which is quite effective. The particular person or the child will have to wear a small square piece of copper in a silver chain for concentration in studies or examination. This is appropriate even for those who are attending an interview.


According to astrology the planets which have to be mainly taken into consideration are Mercury and Jupiter. The 2nd house takes the position of primary schooling, 4th house takes the position of college and the 9th house takes care of advanced degrees. When these houses are influenced by the planets Jupiter and Mercury then it is stated that the students shine as valedictorians. When the planets Mercury and Jupiter influence the 2nd house then it affects the intelligence of the person and the 4th house is concerned about the focus on goals. Influence of both the planets on the 9th house says the ability to sustain planned thinking. In astrology there are also remedies for laziness, social dependency, loss of focus or distraction through friends and dietary problems. The Air signs which include Gemini, Libra and Aquarius indicate a strong and mighty mind. The persuasive speaking and writing along with fluency in any language is offered by the planet Mercury. When the planet Mercury is present in either first, seventh or 10th house it gives the ability of the individual to become a good oratorical speaker. This planet is a sign of intelligence in the entire field related to studies. The planet Mars gives the argumentative skill of a person. The nature of Mars is to put an obstacle in the path of getting good education especially when he is posited in the 4th or 9th house of the natal chart.


Budhaditya yoga” which helps in learning. When the lagna is taken over by Jupiter then it makes the mind to study and acquire wisdom especially in the field of law and medicine. Any obstacle coming in the way of Saturn planet will affect the power of concentration and firmness of mind to study for longer periods. Saturn shows higher intellect, power of concentration and firmness of mind to study for longer periods. Malefic Saturn is quite unfriendly in getting proper and higher education and this aspect or position in the 4th or 9th houses, hampers education and puts obstacles in the path of getting education.

Whereas the planet Rahu is favorable in getting higher education. Some of the general remedies given by great astrologers after studying various factors are put forth here which is sure to help a child in improving his or her concentration and thereby the quality of education. The following remedies are given mainly focused on the study room. They are: -Sitting for studies facing the wall means we are blocking the path of the positive energy, one should have one’s back facing the wall and the front facing the window. -The best position to sit while studying is facing North or East or North East. -We should try to avoid litter in the study room and also it should be dust free, for cleanliness gives positive energy and also has a soothing effect on mind.

Avoid eating in the study room but one should be encouraged to take lots of water while studying as this balances the Kapha, Pitta Vatta doshas and keeps the mind alert.   Try to avoid tea and coffee as this unsettles the mind as it contains caffeine. -Things in the room should not be scattered but instead arranged properly. -A money plant in the south east corner of the room will help in better studying and also positive energy is attracted by placing an aquarium in the north-east corner of the room. When the person studying is sitting under a beam then it is sure to cause stress.

-The grasping power of a child along with the interest in studies is increased by making the child wear a Five or Six Face Rudraksha Pendant.  Hang up a Karya Siddhi yantra at the doorway where the child is studying as this will most certainly bring in positive energy into the room. -Since Moon influences education, it can be strengthened by dropping raw rice and silver in standing water. – It is believed that when the left nostril of a girl is pierced with a silver needle it helps in her studies. Also the recitation of the following mantra daily helps a child to fight all the hindrances in the path of education.



Some of the other common remedies done for improvement in education are: For three continuous Thursdays before sunset five different sweets along with few green cardamom has to be taken in a bowl and offered to Mother Sarasvati. The study room should be decorated with a green curtain along with Mother Saraswathi’s picture and ask the child to start the studies by reciting the mantra ‘Om Shreem Hreem Saraswatiye Namaha’. Juice of basil leaf with honey mixed to it when taken in the morning after breakfast will help in improving memory. When studies are interrupted because of the planet Mercury then offer Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays with Green Moong seeds, few blades of green grass and few Green cardamoms wrapped in a green cloth. Before offering it to Lord Ganesha the child is asked to touch the offering and pray for a few minutes.
GAYATHRI MANTRA A student should also devotedly take full head bath at sunrise and recite the Gayathri mantra for 21 times followed by “Om” thrice and again Gayatri Mantra for 11 times. When this is done everyday anything in the path of education is said to be taken care of. Use yellow, orange and green colours in your study room for curtains, carpets, etc. In order to fill the area with positive energy for greater concentration and interest in studies the color green represents Mercury and it will help utilize the yellow of Jupiter and Orange of the planet Sun towards increasing intellect and interest in studies. It is also advisable to keep a Sri Hanuman Chowki in the study room which will help in concentrating in the studies with a clear mind as Sri Hanumanji is the custodian of all knowledge and wisdom. He has been blessed by the 33 million Devi and Devatas. He will be there to guide, protect and educate your child. The furniture in the study room should not be kept touching the wall which is believed to obstruct the flow of positive energy. The center of the study room should be kept empty.



Also chanting of the moola mantra of Dakshina Moorthy is said to be very effective. The mantra which is best should be initiated from a competent Guru or learned Pundit who will chant this mantra in the ear of the child at the commencement of studies.

“Gurave sarva lokhaanaam Bhishaje bhava roghinaam Nithaye sarva Vidyaanaam Shri Dakshinaamoorthaye namaha. Abhrameyadvayaatheetha nirmala gnaana moorthaye Manohiraam vidooraaya Shri Dakshinamoorthaye namaha”


Above all it is important that the Chakra’s of the child should be well balanced. Every parent should ensure that the child has his or her chakra’s balanced at least 3 or 4 times a year. Invest in these wonderful remedial measures and you would have invested in your child’s future.


Every child should be encouraged to take a mixture of milk and almonds every night when going to bed.   Boil some milk and a teaspoon of ground elachi and almonds all together on a stove. Do not boil the milk in a microwave oven. This should be taken when going to bed. This is a great remedy to give good rest and develop brain cells.



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