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Appreciation for the Religions of Others

Dear Punditji
In a very short period of time, you have managed to earn my highest respect that I can bestow on an individual.
Simply because you have taken the time to find this image which shows your respect for other religions.
Not being very religious myself, i do, however, fullfil the basics in Islam, but now I find myself thinking of doing more.
Thank you, for being who you are. - Rasheed

Excellent Travel Together

Hare Krishna Punditji,
Just to say how lucky I am to have completed such a pious and soul satisfying journey with 20 warm and wonderful people, who made this yatra a memorable journey.
I have been fortunate to travel many times abroad - but this experience has been the most satisfying. I want to hang on to everything we experienced with a positive passion.
Thank you once again for making me part of this memorable experience.
Hare Krishna
Mathaji Bhika
School of Fashion - Pietermaritzburg

Thank You

Dear Pundit Roshan
This email is long overdue. My apologies.
I am extremely thankful to you for the magnificent journey that me and my family underwent to India. The journey has opened us to so many memories that are extremely overwhelming and unforgettable.
It has opened up my kids to so much more than me always speaking about our routes and religion. The rain the dance the beautiful way in which we celebrated arrivals was completely mind-blowing.
Things that are so much conservative here in our own country that can be overseen in another and embraced.


I must say a huge thank you for the organization and that at all times the consideration that was given to the kids.
I pray that parents out there do also involve the children in your tours as this awakens the thoughts and gives them the insight of our culture so we the adults are not always speaking about or routes but so will our children when they are with friends and family.
The kids had an awesome time as this is spoken about all the time at home.
A hearty thank you and much appreciated trip.
Warm Wishes - Raksha