Predictions for 2015
The year 2015 promises much more favourable times as compared to the previous year that spread chaos and instability globally in view of Saturn’s transition.

The year commences by finally wrapping up both political and economic situations in the world that start to stabilize creating the newly gained faith in a stable economic growth that will naturally attract the long awaited foreign investments in a struggling economy. Many people’s quality of life gets better and the crisis that has been tormenting many counties for the past several years is finally promising to be over. Many political problems and economic issues will be viewed differently. Educational matters will move to the front seat and the main focus will be set on post-graduate education.

All year long we may expect new legislative regulations which will allow for structural innovations in educational establishments as well as “order” in this branch of educational affairs. Apart from education, changes will also be introduced to the relations between countries; some of them including India will reach an agreement on visa-free entry, and others, on the contrary, will close their borders. It should be noted, though, that this change will only be vocalized in 2015, and the main events will unfold in the following years.

Winter will give us some turbulence. South Africa is to be hit with aggressive strikes, further parliamentary disruptions and a member of the ANC that will stand up and speak against the ruling party. The DA and EFF will hereafter gain much more support as hidden truths become revealed.

Mercury goes retrograde this year. Some persons who are not involved directly in the politics of the country will come up with great ideas and concepts that will start to make changes for the betterment of the country. President Jacob Zuma is to give full attention and push the alternative energy projects forward. This will be the most expensive project that the country has invested in but will prove to be very successful.

The tension between Pluto and Uranus that has been there since June of 2012 will finally ease up. This will bring many conflicts that have been persisting from 2012 to 2014 to an end. Surely, we can’t expect to know the winners and losers in this “war” since the underlying reason of all the outrages in the world has been of political nature. However, we can safely say that many processes that affected Europe, Ukraine, Egypt, Syria and a number of African countries will make it impossible for them to go back to their old system and maintain their political course.

Winter could be the most shocking in terms of global events. The flames of rebellion are fanned when Mars conjuncts Uranus on March 11. This is a very dangerous day so persons should take care on roads and in working with heavy duty machinery March 17 is very significant as this allows statesmen to weld great power and make decision that will change the lives of millions. Ebola will spread more rapidly all over Africa and cases will be reported and treated in South Africa. By the year 2019 this epidemic will reach uncontrolled proportions.

Libra Lunar Eclipse on Apr 4, is associated with terrorism, and often painted as quite a negative star and results in deaths which are in some way dramatic, for example, assassinations, common criminal murders, executions, airline disasters etc which will occur on or around this period. The Gemini Mercury Retrograde as from May 19 – Jun 11 we may see some spiritual leaders bring pushed off their pedestals at this time.

August of 2015 we will witness Jupiter’s transition into the Zodiac sign of Virgo. This will first and foremost positively affect the economic growth; the economics will rapidly stabilize and the markets will be quickly recovering from the losses suffered in the previous years. Another good promise of 2015 is the overall heightened attention to ecological issues, environmental protection, healthy eating habits and healthy life style. People’s health will become the focus. We can expect large-scale measures taken to improve health of entire nations. Unconventional medicine and the spheres associated with it will be of special importance.

Overall, it can be said that in the first half of 2015 the processes that have been in place for the past years will be over and in the second half of 2015 both political and economic situation in the world will be void of turmoil and conflicts. Closer to the summer months, when positive events will start overshadowing negatives ones, People of many countries will finally be able to sigh with relief and restore their faith in the future. Let us all work together to serve others and in this way we can make heaven on earth today.

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Pundit Roshan Singh

January 2015