Predictions for 2015 per Rasi Sign
ARIES (Mesha)

Your year starts off so hot and high-energy, Aries, that you may sometimes look in the mirror and wonder who that person is! Your true New Year, Aries, begins the day after a Solar Eclipse (March 21 - the day the Sun enters your sign), with Uranus and Mars both conjunct the Moon. Feelings may run rampant for a few weeks, but life will settle down to a subdued roar and thunder, leaving you to feel like you could succeed at just about anything. Use that confidence and energy while being wildly creative, social, and happy in August when the Sun meets Jupiter in fiery Leo. The September 13 Solar Eclipse is a brief but intense moment to look back. Are you staying healthy and on track? In November, be willing to take on more responsibility and authority, and afterward find yourself to be a more matured, refined person.

This helps greatly in any career or business situation that might attract you later.

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Pundit Roshan Singh

January 2015