In order to create harmony in all the senses, crystal and gemstone healing is a very effective method to enhance concentration for everyone especially students...

As we know each and everything on this earth is made of seven cosmic colours. These cosmic colours are supplied by the planets. Planets & earth keep on moving at different speeds, resultantly in particular months particular planets are far from the earth. These planets that are far from the earth will have a deficit and not be able to radiate their cosmic colours as they should during that month. Any child taking birth in that month will have deficiency of that colour released by that planet. Consequently the child by birth is not getting all colours in required quantity. Resultantly, that child due to deficiency of that colour will face certain problems (Like disease, negative approach, negative vibrations) in his life. If that deficient colour is filled up into his body through gemstones the deficiency of colour in his body will be balanced & gradually he will start responding positively to his problems, caused due to the deficiency of that particular colour in his body.

The rationale of the use of gem stones to avert the evil effect of planets is dependent on the colours and vibrations of the planets. Our ancients who were no less scientific-minded than the scientists of the present day, took the view that everything in the Universe is sensitive to colour influence. The various yugas i.e. Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kaliyuga, and the various gunas – Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, have got their own colours and the various planets have got their own colours. The influence they exert on men depends on the different colours related to a gem. The colour of the planet is reflected on the human body through the gem and creates an effect by absorption and reflection of the rays and vibrations. The gem acts as a filter and produces good or evil, depending on the need of the body. If a planet emanating a ray the vibration of which is unsuitable for the body, is counteracted by the ray absorbed by the gem, there will be no evil result.

Gems are mines of cosmic rays. These rays are, for intents and purposes, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. The cosmic rays know the disease by their omniscience, they cure by their omnipotence and they spread to all parts of the body by their omnipresence. It is found after experience that gems were highly curative.

Used in conjunction with aromatherapy and sound, the colour light experience of gemstones are deepened and expanded at the same time.

Content by:Pundit Roshan Singh