The traditional Hindu marriage is performed at a high spiritual level and in a sacred atmosphere...
Marriage is regarded as a union of two souls to help each other in their spiritual evolution. The bride and the bridegroom are no longer two independent beings but one integrated personality in their thoughts, words and actions united by firm resolve to supplement and compliment each other in every aspect of life. They firmly resolve in their vows that they will be committed to each other and serve the Lord jointly in order to pave their way to go back home back to Godhead in this lifetime. That they will have and raise pure and God loving children and teach them the way to true happiness and that is to remember God continuously and consistently.

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Father of the bride and groom


The two fathers meet at the entrance. The brides father hands a Lota of water to the grooms father and says : “My daughter has been regarded as a piece of gold in my home. I have always understood that she was never mine. Today I have polished her and made her into a priceless gem and hand her to you as she is your rightful daughter. Do you vow to take her as your own and if so do you vow before the sacred Ganga. The grooms father offers this water to the Devas and requests them for their protection.


Mother and 6 married ladies At the time of arrival, the bridegroom is given a prestigious reception. He is regarded as Lord Vishnu and is requested to receive their due respect and be united with the bride who is the embodiment of Maha Luxmi.


Brides father and bridegroom A purification rite is performed at the entrance (dwar) where puja (prayer) is performed to remove any obstacles and the 33 000 000 Devi and Devtas are invited to be part of the ceremony.VAR MALA Bride and Bridegroom The bride and groom exchange garlands and confirm their total acceptance for one another. The garland symbolises beauty, love and eternity.


Bride, Bridegroom, Brides mother, father, brother and sister The Kanya Daan is the most touching ceremony in the Hindu nuptial. It is the giving away of the bride. The bride is handed over from the father’s care and responsibility to her husband. The parents of the bride place the right hand of the bride on that of the groom and hands over the bride. It is indeed a great moment in the girl’s destiny.

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